Election Winning Odds Need A Face To Match

Posted: March 7, 2016

Updated: March 7, 2016

As Donald Trump’s march on the White House in the 2016 Presidential Race continues to make Republicans uncomfortable and the bookies scramble to keep up with his election winning odds, we look at how you can take on the mantle of this icon of modern American politics.

There’s nothing worse than failing to look like your heroes when the need arises and just how often have you turned up at a fancy dress gala only to find your costume upstaged by your fellow guests? Well if you’re in the US gambling laws of averages will see you win one Halloween, isn’t it time you made sure you were the belle of the ball and had the perfect outfit for the night’s festivities?

Of course it is! And now you can. In an recently released instructional video from Tess Paras you too can look like the man with 3/1 election winning odds at Bet365 Sportsbook; in the race for the biggest job in politics. No more worries about getting the right skin tone or issues with not quite getting the lips right, Tess shows you how to do it properly and be the best Donald Trump you can be.

Make Up Your Own Election Winning Odds

Of course being the Donald isn’t just about having the right image……or even far right image, but about making the big deals and this week you’ll find all sorts of opportunities at Bet365 Sportsbook on this fascinating race for the white house as both parties see insurgent efforts from non-mainstream candidates to garner the candidacy. But does Herr Trump have that sewn up at 1/2? It sure seems that way.

Trump Still Running

It’ll be all over for Marco Rubio if he doesn’t win Florida, which is why he’s only getting 11/1 to get the nomination, Ted Cruz is a little closer to Trump on 3/1 but that’s still a long way off, and with Kasich putting up a show in Michigan there’s still room for Donald’s annexation of the Republican party to fail, but with his nomination election winning odds not much room. Not much room at all.

Although Hillary Clinton still has the election winning odds of someone whose has it in her pocket to lose (she’s just 1/2 to take the Presidency) the fact that Donald has closed up so much over the last six months says much both the Republicans and about his chances of winning, so now’s the time to get into the spirit of things and make your face great again before you bet on sports in the US…..you know…….sports like politics.

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