Gambling Market in Romania Has Never Been Better, Topping over €1 billion


Posted: March 8, 2016

Updated: March 8, 2016

According to records of payment technologies in the gambling sector, numbers reflecting the gambling market in Romanian have proven to be high.

Passing 1 million people taking to online gambling in a country of 20 million, the impressive € 1 billion mark, has online gambling in Romania to be a very successful investment.

The Gambling Market in Romania can only get Bigger

Though these numbers, according to authorities, are not so high, gambling in Romania will only get bigger due to more contracts and allowing more gambling companies to operate online along with the other 19 licensed gambling companies currently operating in Romania.

Taxes could also help to give a positive angle for gambling in Romania

Regenerating the money into the local economy is one angle that has been argued according to Romanian gambling authorities and the taxes enforced on the current licensed companies. According to statements to 2015, the companies paid a whopping €269 million last year alone, soaring up to 71.3% over the year of 2014.

These are very quick numbers as the Romanian gambling laws were only readjusted last year in regards to online gambling, a new addition which is proving very beneficial results.

The Trending Sports to Bet on in Romania

Though not easy to monitor everything in regards to the gambling market in Romania, especially after these new gambling laws for online gambling, what is known is that the betting trend falls within the football, tennis, boxing, dog races and lotteries. With these consistencies, and these alone, the local market will surely pass well beyond € 1 billion within the next year.

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