Lithuania Gambling Blacklist Deepens Tension with Major Brands and EU


Posted: March 8, 2016

Updated: March 8, 2016

The Lithuania gambling blacklist has caused some major brands of online gambling as well as the EU to question the ethics of new regulations forcing them to obtain a local license in order to operate there and, should they not comply, charging them as smugglers.

As the popularity of online gambling in Lithuania continues to rise, the Lithuania Gaming Control Authority (GCA) has taken steps to force online gaming entities to adhere to their local gaming laws. And as Gaming Zion’s gambling news earlier revealed, the Lithuanian Casino Blacklist has recently been extended.

Lithuania Gambling Blacklist is to Ban Companies who Blatantly Violate Local Laws

Proof of has been shown to reveal the crime, proving these companies have worked directly in contradiction to Lithuania’s gambling laws. All companies that were notified in the beginning of 2016 were closed down if they did not comply. Most who were closed down proceeded to tweak their domains to surpass the GCA’s legally binding IP-blocking orders to local internet service providers.

This only forced Lithuania to take an even stronger stance to openly reveal these “worldwide” companies and force other nations as well as the EU to reevaluate their intentions and approach to online gambling and its laws in different countries respectively.

Several Online Licenses Issued and Obtaining them was Easy and Painless

According to the GCA, there have been four licenses already issued and it was pretty easy and pain-free. Online gambling companies, Olympic Casino Group, Orakulas, Top Sport and TonyBet complied to the new online gambling licensing regime on the 1st of January and are running just fine.

What is most hurtful for Lithuania regarding this drastic yet necessary measure of blacklisting different companies, is the “unethical and unfair behavior which casts a shadow over Lithuania’s regulated gaming market”, according to Dauksys, and also “demonstrates failure to respect national regulation and infringes legal acts.”

The future of Lithuania Gambling Blacklist

For the companies on the list, there is still hope. Lithuania has expressed they want the business, but together, and two sided, not one. For any of the other companies who are blacklisted, following the rules respectfully will get them the license and further their participation in the onling gaming industry in Lithuania.

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