Online Casino and Sports Betting in Denmark on The Rise While Poker Hits a Low


Posted: March 8, 2016

Updated: March 8, 2016

2015 was a good year for online casino and sports betting in Denmark, closing in the last quarter with rising revenue of 21% hitting $134.4 million.

The last quarter’s biggest growth was betting, by 32% up to DKK 560m. All quarters combined, 2015 was still not bad: an increased and satisfactory 14% ending at DKK 2.03 billion.

No Statistics that Separate Online and Land-Based Wagering in Denmark

Unfortunately, according to Spillemyndigheden, a Danish gaming regulator, the separation of online and land-based wagering is not possible at this moment,. However, during the first three quarters of 2015 there was a 5-10% upward and steady growth for gambling in Denmark.

A steady rise on online casino revenue in Denmark in the last quarter of 2015 was up to 25% to DKK 350million, marking the fourth consecutive quarter to maintain this up curve. Online casino gambling in Denmark has risen a great deal in comparison to 2014 where the average quarterly growth was roughly 10%.

Online Poker Flatlined During the Final Quarters of 2015 while Online Casino and Sports Betting in Denmark Flourished

In comparison to such a wonderful and profitable rise for Danish online gambling, the online poker sphere unfortunately had no pulse or movement in any direction at all during the last three quarters, mimicking that of the online poker international market. Denmark’s poker revenue of 2015 was down 25% at DKK 350m.

Online Casino and Sports Betting in Denmark will Rise and Keep on Rising

As of now, Denmark has 15 licensed betting operators and 35 licensed online casinos. Denmark’s gambling market is forecasted to rise at approximately 8% while also investments per Danish citizen is suspected to rise to about 8.5% making that around $281 or DKK 1900 . In comparison to most of Scandinavia, the Danish gambling market has a bright future and many more years of success to come.

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