#1 Police Cover Up Stories in Football: The Hillsborough Disaster

Hillsborough Disaster BBC

It doesn’t happen very often that we can find out all about police cover up stories, but luckily we still do sometimes. They are not very nice.

Online betting news in the UK are rarely filled with police cover up stories. The reason behind this is pretty simple: because police cover up stories aren’t revealed to often. However, sometimes they luckily do and those are the times when we can be sure that Hillsborough police blamed football fans for the accident of 1989.

“Liverpool fans are the worst, Liverpool fans are murderers!”
– said the police report after the Hillsborough catastrophe, 1989. However, by today it has been made official that it was nothing but another one of the disgusting police cover up stories. Because checking Hillsborough disaster facts, well, whatever Hillsborough police report said, well the facts were not in favor of the police reports.

Can we be sure it was just a police cover up story?

Yes, yes we can. While UK gambling laws are not very effective or relevant in this question, UK justice laws are much more important. And those laws clearly state that one of the longest Jury case in the history of Great Britain has finally been resolved with interesting findings: the security organizers and Hillsborough police are to blame for the disastrous events.

BBC reports that the case has been closed down only today, after 28 years of the actual Hillsborough catastrophe. It’s been made official that the death of 96 football fans and the injury of several hundreds was not a result of an unfortunate accident: they were unlawfully killed by the lack of security as well as because of police faults. Yet the police cover up stories included false tales about Liverpool fans being drunk, losing control and hence causing the death of 96 people.

It seemed like a never ending story…

The investigation has been going on since forever. In fact, the case has been closed down on several occasions before. However, family members did not allow the police cover up stories to put a dark shadow on the lost souls of their football fanatic loved ones who happened to be on the wrong place, at the wrong time. “Liverpool fans are murderers”, say policemen. “Hillsborough policemen are murderers” – say Liverpool fans, football fans, historical facts and now even the law.

The case is finally over…

…or at least it seems to be! The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) received files on 23 Hillsborough disaster suspects, both people and organizations. Some of the suspects are not revealed for the public and some are already dead – it’s been 28 years, odds at online sportsbooks wouldn’t have been too good for the majority to still be alive anyways…

However, we can see one of the names for sure. Ch Supt David Duckenfield has been named as one of the responsible people for the manslaughter. He was the match commander at the infamous FA Cup semi-final game. The representative lawyer of the Hillsborough families says that the families are relived that the case has finally been solved and the criminals are finally getting what they deserve. And now the families can get some peace as well. It took only 28 years…

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