Odds on Oasis Reunion Are Back in the Market


Posted: February 17, 2020

Updated: February 27, 2020

  • The Gallagher brothers are on speaking terms again
  • Bookies have come up with Oasis reunion predictions
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Noel and Liam Gallaghers are back in the rumor mill. The notoriously rowdy brothers have reportedly buried the hatchet after a decade of a public feud. The news of alleged truce has prompted British bookmakers to restore the odds on Oasis reunion. Will the peace linger and bring the band back together this time?

Out of all celebrity siblings and relatives, the Gallaghers are the most conflicted. They are quite expressive, often engaging in trash talks via social media and various interviews. One of their arguments famously served as a reason for the Oasis to fall out in 2009. While it broke the hearts of their fans, the hope of reconciliation is still alive. Every time the brothers exchange verbal attacks or supposedly get in contact with each other, online sportsbook sites in the UK reopen the market on the Oasis reunion. Will these reports be another hoax or finally kickstart the reunion process?

Odds on Oasis Reunion Are Back in the Market
Oasis to reunite in 2022 6.00
Oasis to reunite in 2020 9.00
Oasis to reunite in 2021 11.00

Offspring intervention sparks reunion prospects

Since the ill-famed backstage altercation in Paris, the volatile relationship between Noel and Liam has hit a toxic low. They do not pass up the opportunity to take a dig at each other and sometimes drag their families into their heated exchanges. One of the rows even divided their children, setting Liam’s sons against Anais Gallagher.

Seems like the youngsters eventually squashed the beef. Recent online sportsbook news in the UK claims that the children encouraged their parents to settle their disagreements. The brothers are reportedly communicating again via text messages. All the while, the family and friends hope the brothers will pay a visit to their mother Peggy, who was left devastated by their feud.

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In the light of these rumors, 1xBet Sportsbook tipsters have reopened markets on the potential reconciliation. The oddsmakers seem adamant about the band’s comeback in the near future. Along with swirling speculations, both brothers often discuss reunion prospects and sometimes contemplate mending fences. Noel has finally expressed a willingness to build bridges, stating that ‘reconciliation is a good thing’. As for Liam, he often professes his love for his elder brother, despite the longstanding rift.

What may upset the odds on Oasis reunion?

Almost a month ago Liam Gallagher sent Oasis fans into a frenzy, announcing band’s potential reunion date. The Britpop legend hinted that he and his estranged brother might join the forces as early as in 2022. Hence, the 6.00 odds rate on the related market. The former Beady Eye member also revealed that his third album would wrap up his career as a soloist.

Some fans got their hopes up, the others were skeptical, asking Liam to not give up his career. Noel, however, was quick to dispel any rumors about reviving Oasis. He made sure to highlight his importance in making decisions concerning the band. The elder Gallagher also blamed his brother for reducing the likelihood of reunion.

As usual, he took a swipe at Liam’s music, mocking the new single. The diehard fans will probably regard this as another insult-slinging bout between the siblings. Yet it’s clear that Noel knows how to give some promotion to his little brother’s career through another round of snide comments. If you intend to closely explore the odds on Oasis reunion, make sure to check our latest review about 1xBet Sportsbook.

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