Odds On The Next UK PM Suggest Another Stab In The Back

  • Rishi Sunak Strides Into The Lead To Replace Bojo
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  • Conservatives Mull Facing Starmer Under Johnson
Odds On The Next UK PM
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Online sportsbook sites in the UK have always offered political books. A bet on UK politics not being everyone’s cup of tea, these are most busy around elections. When public interest is highest. However, whilst most don’t notice the odds on the next UK PM loitering quietly, politicians do. Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister, will thus not be happy to see it is not the leader of the opposition he should fear replacing him, but his own Conservative colleagues.  

The Conservative Party in the UK has never really recovered from the manner in which it ousted Margaret Thatcher. They are, in no small way, haunted by her still. These days people don’t compare present-day Tory leaders with Churchill. They use Maggie. Boris Johnson, alas, has not measured up well on that scale. Perhaps that’s why the odds on the next UK PM lean in not out. After all, Keir Starmer and Labour need an election to take over. The 1922 Committee doesn’t. 

Boris Johnson, a divisive figure to say the least, won an astonishing victory in the last election. His public popularity is unquestionably better than the vast majority of his fellow Conservatives. It just probably isn’t good enough anymore. The backbenchers are beginning to eye those odds on the next UK PM and muse quietly. That’s how the end starts for Conservative Prime Ministers. MPs are cautious. They’re not putting a bet on sports in the UK, they’re wagering their careers.

The Wind Starts To Change For Boris Johnson

What is likely to happen then is the emergence of a stalking horse. Some wild-eyed lunatic from the backbenches will make a stab at things, just to test the waters. See how much support a more realistic option might get. It may even be John Redwood again. He has form. The press, however, won’t fall for this. The odds on the next UK PM that the bookies like Bet365 offer point the way. The machinations of the Conservative party behind the scenes are a far more mysterious beast.

Odds On Next UK PM

  • Sajid Javid (Con) – 25/1
  • Priti Patel (Con) – 25/1
  • Jeremy Hunt (Con) – 20/1
  • Michael Gove (Con) – 11/2
  • Keir Starmer (Lab) – 9/4
  • Rishi Sunak (Con) – 5/2
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Traditionally anyone hoping to be Prime Minister in Britain claims they have “no ambitions in that direction”. This is a sort of in-joke. The press tries to corner a potential runner into admitting they are. And for their part, the candidate desperately downplays any suggestions that he or she might run at all. So, you can expect Rishi Sunak to say something very, very similar quite soon. Just don’t expect online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 to believe him. Politics is all ambition.

Odds On The Next UK PM
Sunak in February – Image source: Flickr

Odds On The Next UK PM Favour Rishi Sunak 

The odds on the next UK PM then suggest the Tories will oust Boris. Perhaps to shore up the odds on the Conservative Party winning the next election. Keir Starmer and Labour might have issues at the moment but they’ll get over those. If this turns into an emollience contest Keir has Boris beat. Rishi perhaps less so. No one who follows British politics would bet on the Conservatives risking another Boris borne election. Not now. But that doesn’t mean Labour can win one either.

Year Of Next UK Election

  • 2020 – 33/1
  • 2021 – 12/1
  • 2022 – 13/2
  • 2023 – 2/1
  • 2024+ – 11/25

A bet on the Labour Party to win the next UK election will be pointless till they sort themselves out. The ongoing antisemitism issue will take time to defuse and solve, but by the next election that should be behind them. The odds on the Labour Party at present aren’t worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws to back. Keir Starmer doesn’t even top the list of odds on the next UK PM. Nor should he. After all, whilst the opposition is in front of you, in British politics, the enemy is behind you.

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We take a look at the odds on the next UK Prime Minister the bookies are giving out and what it says about the future of Boris Johnson.

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