Odds On The Oscars Shift After Muted Golden Globes Wins

  • The Power Of The Dog & West Side Story Both Win
  • Pick Up All The Best Odds On The Oscars At Bovada
  • Branagh’s Belfast And Lady Gaga See Chances Slide
Odds On The Oscars
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The 79th Golden Globe Awards weren’t particularly well attended. Following the scandals of impropriety, corruption and assault, we expected that. However whilst the A-listers may have turned up their noses, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada paid close attention. They know the awards are in disgrace, but the choice of winners is still telling. That’s why they’ve all adjusted their odds on the Oscars accordingly, with some prices shorter and others drifting away. 

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The Golden Globe Awards may never recover its reputation. The awards slunk by. They weren’t live on television, few stars were in attendance and there was little other media coverage. The scandals are far from finished. People worry they’ll find other award shows just as bereft of any decency. For instance, there is some concern the odds on the Oscars escaping scandals of a similar sort are quite long. Certainly, the bookies seem to think they’ll choose similar winners. 

Take, for instance, Ariana DeBose. Before her win at the Golden Globes she was only 6/4 to take Best Supporting Actress. Now the odds on Ariana DeBose, at online betting sites in the US like Bovada, are just 4/6. Likewise, you can see the odds on the Oscars change for Best Supporting Actor too. Kodi Smit-McPhee has dived from 3/1 all the way down to 6/5 following his win. That’s quite the shift. Of course some will have to bet on the Oscars differing from the Globes.

Bovada Has All The Best Odds On The Oscars

Lady Gaga for instance has seen her chances of the Best Actress award sail away. She was 7/1 and has drifted to 11/1 at online bookies in the US like Bovada. Meanwhile Nicole Kidman has seen her prices tighten up. Nicole is in at 4/1 from way out at 14/1. Indeed a bet on Nicole Kidman to win Best Actress isn’t a daft wager now. You’ll find it tricky to locate better odds on the Oscars really. Certainly Best Actor isn’t going to offer you much joy. Not at those prices. 

Oscars Best Actress Odds 

  • Bet On Lady Gaga – 11/1
  • Bet On Jessica Chastain – 9/1
  • Bet On Rachel Zegler – 8/1
  • Bet On Nicole Kidman – 4/1
  • Bet On Kristen Stewart – 8/15

Will Smith is, after his Golden Globes win, a dead-cert for the Best Actor award at the Oscars. That’s why the bookies will only give you 4/11 on him. Sure, you could believe someone else will get it, but they won’t. Andrew Garfield is closest at 9/2, with Benedict Cumberbatch off at 6/1. So if you’re going to take advantage of US gambling laws to pick up the best odds on the Oscars you may wish to look at Nicole instead. Although Best Picture could prove a bit of fun.

Odds On The Oscars
Kristen Stewart in 2019 – Image source: Flickr

Campion Set To Be Champion At 2022 Oscars

The Power Of The Dog and West Side Story won at the Golden Globes with Belfast the obvious loser on the night. Kenneth Branagh had to settle for Best Screenplay. However, it does mean if you’re going to bet on Best Picture at the Oscars, your choice is simpler now. The Power Of The Dog had odds on the Oscars of 13/2, now they’re 7/4. West Side Story has shift a bit too now loitering at 2/1 in from 3/1. Belfast, meanwhile, has drifted off to somewhere approaching 9/4.

Oscars Best Picture Odds

  • Bet On Licorice Pizza – 14/1
  • Bet On Soggy Bottom – 14/1
  • Bet On Belfast – 9/4
  • Bet On West Side Story – 2/1
  • Bet On The Power Of The Dog – 7/4

Of course, a brief glance at the odds on the Oscars will tell you the Best Director award is already settled. Jane Campion won at the Golden Globes for The Power Of The Dog and is now 1/5 to take home an Oscar too. So if you’re eschewing your usual bet on sports in the US for a little wager on these awards at Bovada, perhaps stick to that Best Actress book where all the action is. Oh and hope that the Oscars don’t also fall foul of their own past like the Golden Globes did.  

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We take a look at how the disgraced Golden Globe Awards have still managed to shift the odds on the Oscars 2022.

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