Can Small Fry Defy The Odds On The World Cup Favorites?

Odds On The World Cup Favorites

The World Cup is less than a year away and the qualification games begin to sort the wheat from the chaff with a round of matches next week, the only question is will one of the big fish come a cropper against the smaller minnows? Or should you back the short odds on the world cup favorites at Bet365 before the line up for the final tournament in Russia is complete?

  • Will Gibraltar beat Belgium in their World Cup qualifier?
  • Can the Faroe Islands win over Portugal?
  • Does Malta pose a danger to England’s chances?
  • Could Kosovo defeat Croatia?

It happens to them all from time to time. A well regarded team with an illustrious history of playing fairly well will find itself pitted against a team far less skilled than itself and will then proceed to lose. Italy vs South Korea, England vs San Marino, France vs China, you name them, they’ve made a pig’s ear of it at least once. The odds on the World Cup favorites are pretty tight and Belgium gets 16/1 to win the trophy, but next week they take on no-hopers Gibraltar in their qualifying campaign.

Now Belgium get 1/100 to beat Gibraltar of course, but at 200/1 a wager on the low country lads having a bad day and the chaps from the rock managing to catch them by surprise might be worth taking advantage of Russian gambling laws to place at Bet365, after all, stranger things have happened, and indeed may well do again. Belgium isn’t the only team that can list itself among the odds on the World Cup favorites who are playing a small team with, on the face of it very little hope of winning.

Find All The Odds On The World Cup Favorites At Bet365

Look down that list of odds on the World Cup favorites like Germany, Argentina, etc, and you’ll eventually get to the 25/1 shot Portugal who get 1/66 at Bet365 to win against the Faroe Islands next week, but once again with the small island in the North Sea getting 50/1 it could well be worth a little speculative wager on them turning the tables on the Portuguese who, let’s face it, are only ever as good as their star player, the plastic man himself Cristiano Ronaldo on any particular day of the week.



Worryingly England take on Malta and whilst the odds on the World Cup favorites might actually include the English team at 20/1 and Malta barely squeeze in at 1000/1 if at all, the Mediterranean mob get 40/1 to beat Southgate’s squad next Friday, and England getting 1/20 to win does nothing to redress that memory of the match against Iceland just this June. Any Russian gambling news headlines will be of an easy win for England is slightly nuts, even if Gareth isn’t still lumbered with Wayne Rooney.

Will Malta Be A Pothole In England’s Road To Russia?

Odds On The World Cup Favorites

Portugal – 25/1
England – 20/1
Belgium – 16/1
Italy – 12/1
Argentina – 9/1
Spain – 8/1
France – 13/2
Brazil – 7/1
Germany – 11/2

Bet365 give San Marino just 33/1 to win over the Republic of Ireland who garner 1/50 to come out of their match victorious (and 200/1 to win in Russia next summer), and never forget that San Marino have a history of surprising upsets so I doubt the Irish under Martin O’Neill will be taking any chances. Nor will Croatia who might get 1/25 to win their match against Kosovo, who barely scrape together 33/1 chances in return, and who would never feature among the odds on the World Cup favorites.

Will any of these small sides upset their larger rivals? You can bet one of them will, and Bet365 will facilitate you wagering on them, but whilst these strange bets might seem a little ghoulish there are, for those that like to bet on sports in Russia, some less easily predicted games. The biggest of these is Spain vs Italy, with the former getting 17/20 and the latter 10/3, and if you insist on sticking to the odds on the World Cup favorites there isn’t a bigger match up in these opening games of the road to Russia.

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