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Posted: June 12, 2024

Updated: June 12, 2024

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There are several ways in which we can talk about basketball. However, this time we are going to talk about some of the Olympic basketball 3×3 odds that are a new addition to the Olympics category. This is a sensation for everyone who loves to play quick basketball games in an urban environment, and thanks to France, we now have odds to bet on!

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Today we are going to give you some of the most amazing Olympic basketball 3X3 odds available online. Yes, finally we are going to enjoy the appreciation of fast and simple street-style basketball on the Olympic level, and we are so ready to see it. So far, Basketball was a rather niché sport to follow, given the fact that you had to get into the whole team analysis in the US to understand the highest levels of play.

However, this is going to change soon, because soon we are going to see the first appearance of 3×3 in the Olympics in France. Summer is closer and closer, and we are expecting some of the greatest performances from the athletes who took it upon themselves to represent their country in the art of street basketball. Register at any of the online sportsbook sites in France to bet!

About The Olympic Basketball 3X3 Odds

First, let’s take a look at what is going to be different. According to the Fiba 3×3, the rules are different from your original basketball play. The list for the rule changes goes as follows: 

3×3 Basketball:

  • Played with three players on each team on a half-court.
  • Uses a half-court that is 15 meters wide and 11 meters deep.
  • Games are 10 minutes long or until a team scores 21 points.
  • Baskets made inside the arc (similar to the three-point line) are worth 1 point, and baskets made outside the arc are worth 2 points.
  • A 12-second shot clock.
  • After a score, the opposing team must take the ball beyond the arc before attempting to score. There’s no break in play; the game continues immediately.
  • Team fouls are cumulative, and after the 6th foul, the opposing team gets two free throws. There are no personal fouls; all fouls are team fouls.
  • Substitutions can be made on any dead ball situation but do not stop the game clock.

Olympic Basketball:

  • Played with five players on each team on a full-court.
  • Uses a full court that is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide.
  • Games are divided into four quarters of 10 minutes each.
  • Field goals are worth 2 points, three-pointers are worth 3 points, and free throws are worth 1 point.
  • A 24-second shot clock.
  • Play is stopped after a score, and the ball is inbounded from the baseline.
  • Personal fouls are tracked, and after a certain number of team fouls per quarter, the opposing team gets free throws.
  • Substitutions can be made during stoppages in play, such as timeouts, free throws, and when the ball is out of bounds.

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3x3 rules

Urban Sports Vs Olympics

Before we move to the Olympic basketball 3×3 odds, first let’s understand the key difference in culture. Urban sports and the Olympics represent two distinct yet increasingly interconnected realms of athletic endeavor. Urban sports, often rooted in street culture, include activities like skateboarding, parkour, BMX, and street basketball. These sports emphasize creativity, individualism, and community. They are typically less formal, with a focus on personal expression and style rather than rigid rules and structured competition.

The Olympics, in contrast, embody traditional athleticism with a history dating back to ancient Greece. Olympic sports are governed by strict regulations, emphasizing discipline, consistency, and international competition. Athletes undergo rigorous training regimes and are often supported by national programs, highlighting a more structured path to excellence. 3X3 Basketball is among the big city sports you can start today. However, to live up to the Olympic standards, you have to train for years.

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The Olympic Basketball 3X3 Odds

Now that you understand everything about this sport, it’s time for us to discover the next set of odds available online. We have picked the best sports betting site, which offers the greatest set of odds for all the upcoming Olympic sports. Of course, you can learn more about this in our Olympics online betting guide in 2024. The odds for the upcoming event are the following:

  • Serbia – 2.75
  • USA – 2.87
  • France – 4.5
  • Latvia – 5
  • Netherlands – 7
  • Lithuania – 9
  • China – 18.99
  • Poland – 25.99

As you can see, we had some of the most solid countries on the line. Some of them represent the Balkan love for street sports, while others embrace innovative and quick solutions for an otherwise long sport.

who invented 3x3 rules

Who Invented 3X3?

Now, let’s talk about why the Olympic baseball 3×3 odds are so good for this year. According to the Macker, we are unsure about the true origins of the 3×3. It started spreading in the 2000s, which makes us believe that even the internet forums could have been behind the new idea for the rules. Essentially, these are the mysterious rules that one friend suggests as kids when we do not have too much playtime left, and of course, the rules elementary schools adapt to be able to fit into the school schedule.

While we are unsure who invented the first format, we surely know who was behind the popularization of it. It was the Gus Macker outdoor sports events, coming from the United States. Thus, we can easily state that we have this sport today thanks to the United States of America. A strange phenomenon, as not many sports originate from the country other than football.

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Betting Picks – Olympic Basketball 3X3 Odds

So, we understand that the US has contributed to the popularization of the sport, but are they the best? They have the highest basketball culture, and it would only be natural to expect them to have some Jordans joining the Olympic representation. Well, this is far from reality. See, in this format, players have to be good both at offense and defense.

In the US, many who take an early interest in the sport decide to specialize in one role, hoping to get into teams that might turn them into iconic athletes one day. This sport is for those who do not think that highly of their career, and decide to be generalists. While the US has some clear talents, we have a history with 3×3. According to Redbull, the best 3×3 player comes from Serbia. Thus, we cast our bet on the Serbian team.

New olympic games in 2024

How To Bet On The French Olympics?

Finally, we reached the end of our article on the Olympic Basketball 3×3 odds. However, there is one thing left to discuss. If this is your first time betting, we are going to guide you through the whole event. If you wish to watch it in person, take a look at our article on how to prepare for the Olympics in Paris. If you just wish to watch the broadcast and make an online bet, then the procedure is easier than you would think!

First, use our country selector in the top right corner. Select your own country, and see which sites have a license on your country’s IP. Register at one, and scout for odds. For the easier solution, use our featured odds in this article, by simply registering at VAVE Sportsbook, which offers some of the best odds for the upcoming French Olympics.

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