Valorant Next Agent Odds In 2024 – Smokedancer Leaks And Bets


Posted: June 12, 2024

Updated: June 12, 2024

  • Smokedancer Valorant agent leaks in 2024
  • Who and what will be the next Valo agent?
  • Valorant next agent odds In 2024

The Valorant next agent odds in 2024 are now available! Are you a fan of Valorant? Perhaps you are better at predicting design choices in video games, than the results of a chaotic esports game event. This might be the best online betting market for you. Simply, you have to guess what is going to be the role of the upcoming Valorant agent. Join us and learn everything you need to know, including the leaks.

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Today we are going to give you the latest updates on the upcoming Valorant agent. We even have the Valorant next agent odds in 2024 available on betting sites. We highly recommend you bet on this one, as it is not too hard to figure out what Riot Games might do next for their most successful game of all time.

Essentially, this article seeks to give you entry information on Valorant, introducing the last agent, and the way they create agents, and as we progress with the information, we will enter the leaks and the assumptions made on the upcoming Valorant Agent. We believe that this is an easy win when it comes to betting. If you are interested, we recommend you register at any of the online sportsbook sites in Canada.

About The Valorant Next Agent Odds In 2024

While many people who just entered the world of esports believe that the new is always among the best Valorant agents in 2024, the reality can be quite different. To give you a full introduction to the game, let’s start with the genre. This is a fully multiplayer team vs team FPS (shooter) game created by Riot Games. The unique feature of this game is that you are not only playing as soldiers using guns but rather as agents, who have their special magical abilities. This is mixing the MOBA style strategies with the reflex and precision required for games such as counter-strike.

The game became a massive hit, as the similar game, Blizzard’s Overwatch failed at many aspects Valorant was thriving on. Some of the most interesting games can happen, as players have to manage spells that are using the traditional smoke and flash abilities, with different and unique takes on the mechanics of these elements. To bet on Valorant esports or new features, register at 22BET Sportsbook.

Valorant agents explained

Who Was The Last Agent?

Before we start to discuss the Valorant next agent odds in 2024, first let’s talk about the previous release. According to Forbes, the last agent wasClove”. One thing to understand about Valorant agents is that they have four roles:

  • Initiator: Characters that can detect presence, or give the team an advantage to start fights
  • Sentinel: Characters that protect, heal, or shield other characters
  • Duelist: Characters that excel in duels with unique mechanics or damage increases
  • Controller: Characters that can control the field with walls, smokes, or traps
  • New role: The future might give space for new rules unknown to us yet.

The last champion, Clove, focuses on the elements of luck and self-resurrection with magical elements. Clove was a controller, and this is important information.

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The Valorant Next Agent Odds In 2024

Now, let’s take a look at the odds. Of course, the company does not wish to live up to the demands of the best valorant players of all time, the way they do in League of Legends. Rather, their greatest selling point is the mix of the country, theme, appearance, and of course, the role of their new agents. Therefore, this bet is fully justified in the eyes of those who are sitting at the edge of their seats to find out who will be the new character. The bookies gave the following odds for each of the possible roles:

  • Initiator – 1.95
  • Sentinel – 3
  • Duelist – 5
  • Controller – 9
  • New Role – 21

As you can see, we can already say that a new role is pretty much unimaginable. Especially since it might break the game, and companies do not want that.

the previous valorant agent clove

The Rotation Of Roles In Valorant

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most important things to understand about Valorant agents. Simply, Riot Games does not release the same type of agent right after the previous one. Thus, we already know thatcontrolleris not an option. We are left with three main choices: Duelist, Sentinel, and Initiator. According to Play Valorant, this year’s releases were the following in order:


  • Clove – Controller
  • Iso – Duelist
  • Deadlock – Sentinel


  • Gekko – Initiator
  • Harbor – Controller
  • Fade – Initiator
  • Neon – Duelist

There are two speculations to make for the Valorant next agent odds in 2024; We either have a sentinel, to make up for the lack of sentinel releases. Or we are going to have an Initiator, so they release 1 character of each role this year. We believe that following this new pattern makes the most sense in terms of consistency.

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Leaks – Valorant Next Agent Odds In 2024

Before we get too heated debating whether it is going to be a sentinel or an initiator, first let’s take a look at the leaks. Keep in mind that leaks never lied to us before, as long as the source was reliable. According to the Rivalry, we know the following things about the next agent:

  • Project/Codename: Smokedancer
  • Appearance: Pink smokes
  • Guessed role: Initiator

Smokes in the game are initiating combat, while also controlling the field. Someone who is a smoke dancer could easily put smokes on the opponents for a disadvantage, but dismissing smokes would be the perfect initiation for your team. Therefore, we highly believe that the next agent is going to be an initiator who can discover opponents through smoke, while also hiding behind them. Many believe that this is going to be a controller agent too!

Valorant new agent leaks  2024 after clove

How To Bet On Valorant?

Finally, we reached the end of our speculations on the Valorant next agent odds in 2024. Of course, if you wish to learn more about the game and its betting scene, perhaps continue by reading our analysis on the worst picks for competitive Valorant. If you are interested in betting on Valorant esports games, or simply the new releases of Valorant, then we highly recommend you to browse our betting sites.

Simply use the country selector on the top right corner of the page, and select your country to list the betting sites that have a license on your country’s IP. Of course, the featured odds in this article are the courtesy of our selected site for the best odds when it comes to esports and video games. For that, simply register at 22BET Sportsbook!

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