One Tweet may have Ruined Laremy Tunsil’s Career

Laremy Tunsil at Ole Miss

Laremy Tunsil’s career has taken an unexpected turn after videos emerged showing the NFL prospect smoking marijuana

Just yesterday it seemed a foregone conclusion that Laremy Tunsil would be one of the top picks of the 2016 NFL draft. A number of online sportsbooks in the US online sportsbooks in the US even predicted him as the number one choice. Things took an unexpected turn, however, when a video emerged from Tunsil’s own twitter account showing him smoking marijuana out of a bong. The power of social media has made a profound effect on Laremy Tunsil’s career, and likely cost him millions of dollars.

Tunsil was subsequently dropped to the 13th overall draft pick. The Miami Dolphins chose to turn a blind eye to the video by picking him in what is being called by some as a high-risk, high-reward move. It may not be long before internet gambling sites begin placing odds on what he does next. It could very well turn out to be a steal, as the talented left tackle has proven to consistently perform under pressure.

How will this affect the future of Laremy Tunsil’s Career?

There is no clear answer on how this news will affect Laremy Tunsil’s career, as he is now part of the NFL and has a chance to put this story behind him. Some critics of the newly signed left tackle argue that the pot-smoking video is a sign of things to come, and the Dolphins made the wrong choice by picking him.

For now, Laremy Tunsil’s career seems be okay. He has undoubtedly lost some money, and his image may have been slightly tarnished, but Tunsil remains one of the most exciting new additions to the NFL. His goal now will be to regain the trust of coaches and teams by keeping out of trouble and doing what he does best on the football field.

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