This week’s best UK politics bets!


Posted: May 2, 2016

Updated: May 2, 2016

On Thursday, there will be elections of London Mayor, the Scottish Parliament, while debate over the EU referendum continues. Here are this week’s best UK politics bets!

Bet on London Mayor election

This week’s best UK politics bets have to include a bet on next London mayor. The candidates couldn’t be more contrasting: Labour candidate and polling favourite Sadiq Khan is the son of a bus driver, while Zac Goldsmith is the son of the late, outspoken, billionaire James Goldsmith. Khan has won support from a diverse array of London communities, while Goldsmith’s campaign has been notable for gaffes and blunders.

In recent weeks both previous London Mayors’ have been under scrutiny for alleged racism: Boris Johnson is accused of racism towards Barack Obama, while his predecessor Ken Livingstone was suspended from the Labour party after accusations of anti-Semitism. It appears that Zac Goldsmith has noted this trend, thus embarking on a blatantly racist campaign himself, accusing Khan (a British-Muslim noted for his tireless work against extremism) of being a terrorist sympathiser.

While many notable conservatives have spoken out against Goldsmith’s hate-campaign, if you bet on British politics the best value bet is for the Conservative candidate. Online sportsbooks have Khan as a clear favourite, but in last year’s general election the polling was notably flawed. The press has supported him, and the fear-mongering may prove an effective tactic.

Bets bet: Zac Goldsmith to win @ 6.00 (5/1) @ BetVictor.

Bet on Scottish election

In Scotland, it would make gambling news, if the current government the SNP were not to win a comprehensive victory: online sportsbooks have them as clear favourites, with odds to win most seats as low as 1.01 (1/100) at BetVictor. It’s possible to bet on the SNP wining every seat, but that could be a wasted bet with some tricky seats constituencies, particularly the Shetland islands.

Scottish candidates 2016

Bet on Ruth Davidson to lead the Tories to second place (Photo: Getty Images)

The best value bet on the Scottish election is for who will win the most seats other than the SNP. With Scottish Labour demolished at the UK general election last year, there is a good chance they will suffer a similarly embarrassing fate here. Furthermore, the leaders of the alternatives – Scottish Conservatives’ Ruth Davidson and the Green Party’s Patrick Harvie – are charismatic and persuasive. We think one of the week’s best UK politics bets is for the Tories to get a surprise second place.

Best Bet: Conservatives to win most seats (excluding SNP) for 2.20 (6/5) at Paddy Power Sportsbook.

Bet on EU referendum

If you are betting on politics at online sportsbooks in the UK, you also have the opportunity to bet on the EU referendum, which won’t take place until June 23rds. Despite that, one of the best uk political bets is to gamble on Britain leaving the EU.

While the “Remain” campaign may be favourite, polls are increasingly showing gains to “Leave”. The odds available for the latter campaign are considerably more tempting, so punter may as well take a gamble. The likelihood is that the polls for leave will continue to rise before polling day. Even if the vote goes the way of “Remain”, you can cash out when the odds inevitably sink. 

Best Bet: UK to vote to leave EU for 3.40 (12/5) at Bet365 Sportsbook .

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