Prime Minister’s Team Relegated – Football Corruption Might Strike Again

Political Football Corruption Hungary

Football corruption is everywhere and is not a rare thing at all unfortunately, however not always so obvious as it seems to be in Hungary.

The season has finished for Hungarian football teams participating in the first division (OTP Bank Liga). Ferencvárosi TC easily won the league with a tight 21 point advantage over second placed Videoton. It’s obvious that online sportsbooks in Hungary were not overly excited about the golden medal, however, there was still huge battle in the bottom of the table: Békéscsaba was sure to be relegated, the only question remained was whether Vasas or Puskás Akadémia will follow them to the second league.

Hungarian league’s last round

Vasas visited 4th placed MTK Budapest in the last round, while Puskás Akadémia hosted Budapest Honvéd FC. Both Hungarian football teams that were about to escape relegation managed to win their games: Vasas won by 0-2, while PAFC’s game ended 2-1. This means that Vasas were saved, they can remain among the top 12 Hungarian football clubs and Puskás Akadéma will be in second league next season. If football corruption and politics in football will allow fair play to rule.

Prime Minister Orbán’s team relegated but might remain in first division

Puskás Akadémia are friom a tiny village in Hungary, named Felcsút. This village has around 1,800 inhabitant. Yet, few years ago a whole new stadium was built here with governmental aid, with a total capacity of 3,500. Without trying to make any obvious football corruption scandals towards anybody, it is quite an interesting fact that Felcsút happens to be the place where Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, was born and raised.

Politics wants to keep Puskás Akadémia of Felcsút in the first league

It is another interesting story why a village of 1,800 inhabitants needed a stadium with a capacity of 3,500, but let’s not get into it because that’s the least that fair play fanatics should worry about. Politics in football happen often, however, they should not interfere the spirit of the game. That’s not what’s going on in the Eastern European country, according to many online sportsbooks.

Hungarian Prime Minister’s Football Team


As soon as it was known that Felcsút got relegated from the first division, the news already started spreading that the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) plans on increasing the number of participants in the first league, just for the sake of having the Prime Minister’s team there. They immediately denied all kinds of rumours in this direction, however, football corruption could be less notable in the way they plan it.

Second league’s promoter got bought by politicians?

Even if the number of participating teams in the Hungarian football league is not going to be increased to 14 from 12, there could be some interesting facts about corruption in football in Hungary. There will be 2 teams promoted from the second league, the first 2 obviously. There are 5 more games to be played in the Merkantil Bank Liga of Hungary.

At 5 matches before the end, Kisvárda are standing in the second position, which means they are about to get promoted to the first league. As basically everywhere else in Hungary, Kisvárda are also about to receive a new stadium from the state, however the new stadium could come at an expensive price. The directors at Kisvárda FC already announced that even if they reach the second place by the end of the season, they will not participate in the first division. So those who bet on sports in Hungary and want to bet on the promoter team, should surely forget about Kisvárda.

How could a relegated team still remain in the first league?

The argument seems quite reasonable: The stadium is not ready yet, they don’t want to play home games on away field, their facilities are not good enough for the first division and they just don’t feel like they are ready for the challenges of the best Hungarian football league. Whether it is their honest opinion, or football corruption stroke at them, we might never find out.

However, I would also not want to be the one who wants to predict who will take over their place in the first division. The rules clearly state that if the best teams are not able to meet to requirements to participate in the first division, then the next best team of the second division has the right to promote. However, these rules can easily be changed. The political match to keep Felcsút in the first division should not take more than the 90 minutes of an actual football game…

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