Lottery Winner Arrested for Defecating on Boss’s Desk is FAKE

The fake mugshot of the arrested woman

The viral story written by The Valley Report of a lottery winner arrested for defecating on her boss’s desk has been debunked

On April 26th, 2016, it was reported by popular fake news site The Valley Report that a woman had been arrested for defecating on her boss’s desk after winning millions in the lottery. It was not stated whether this money was obtained through an online lotto in the US, or a state lottery, but that information is redundant, as the viral story has been officially debunked.

A fake quote of the fake boss was even given, stating, “I knew something was wrong because I came back from lunch and the door to my office was closed. I slowly opened the door to discover the woman with her pants around her ankles, hunched over on my desk like a hippopotamus/cheetah dropping a massive poo on my desk. She shot her head towards me and locked eyes. I was frozen in shock and fear. In my peripheral vision I saw a huge mud-monkey sliming out of her butt like a Play-Doh fun factory.”

The story has been reported by a number of other websites mistaking it as truth

A number of websites have also reported on this story, some seemingly unaware that it is obviously not real. Popular fact-checking website Snopes has officially declared it a hoax, but that hasn’t stopped some sites from running with the story. Perhaps this has something to do with the quote given by the alleged lottery winner arrested.

“It was worth it. On Friday when I realized I hit the lotto, I knew this would be the first thing I would do. I hit up every Mexican food truck and saved my dumps all weekend. I was shuffling around like a death-row inmate trying not to explode,” the fake lottery winner arrested stated. “I’ve been putting up with that guy’s shit for years, it’s time he put up with some of mine.”

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