Beginner’s Online 3-Card Poker Winning Strategies

  • What is 3-card poker and how to play it?
  • Best tips & tricks to win the poker game online
  • Intertops Poker is the only site that has Three Cards
online 3-card poker winning strategies

Do you want to play poker like a pro? Check online 3-card poker winning strategies to learn some useful tips & tricks about this popular poker variant. Here is a full introduction to the 3-card poker game, its basic rules, secrets, and best sites to play at.

Poker is the most popular card game in the world available at all land-based and online casinos in Brazil. No wonder that it has many variations as the standard poker variant sometimes bores. 3-card poker is one of the most interesting but rare classic poker analogs available online. Let’s learn how to play it and what tips can help you to succeed.

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What is Three card poker?

3-card poker is a variation of the poker game with small differences in rules. Three card poker is a game where you not only play against the dealer, but also win based on how good your cards are. The aim of the game is to make the best poker hand possible with only three cards. Before switching to online 3-card poker winning strategies, let’s see how to play it.

online 3-card poker winning strategies
This, but with 3 cards

How to play 3-card poker

To play Three card poker online, gamblers have to choose among online poker sites in Brazil that offer this rare game. Intertops casino & poker has the one, so hurry up to learn the rules and try it.

  • The 3-card poker game starts after placing bets on the player’s hand. There are two types of wagers: “ante” and “pair plus”. Pair Plus means that you will win any time your cards have: a pair, flush, straight, straight flush or three of a kind. With Ante, it is better to bet if you have a Queen-6-4 or better. A player can bet on one or both of them, trying to predict whether his hand will have at least a pair or not. Also, a player can bet on higher hands.
  • Once a bet is made, three cards are given to the player and to the dealer. Cards have to be placed face-down. The player looks at his cards and decides if he should place a “play wager” equal to ante or not. If yes, he puts his hand against the dealer’s one.
  • If the dealer has Jack or a lower card as the best in the hand, bets return to the player. In case when there is the Queen or better, play and ante wagers are paid 1 to 1 if the player has a better hand.
  • In case when the player folds, the dealer collects all stakes. However, if the player places a play wager, both reveal cards and see whose hand is superior. 

Online 3-card poker winning strategies

Once you know the basic rules, it is time to learn online 3-card poker winning strategies. As it is a game of chance, there are no particular tips that will tell you how to win. However, you can still follow these 3 rules that will enhance your winning chances.

Try live games – they will teach how to play

Playing 3-card poker live is the best possibility to learn rules by heart. It will help you to practice and become a pro faster than playing online or friendly games. As 3-cards poker rules mean that the game is played between you and the dealer only, you will easily get the idea without interruption.

online 3-card poker winning strategies
Let’s strategize!

Once you sharpen your skills, you will start enjoying the process of playing live as it is much more entertaining than static casinos. Choose Intertops Poker as the best online platform for playing live Three card poker.

Play several games at once to enhance winning chances

Online 3-card poker winning strategies include such a useful tip as playing 2 games at once. Why? It will keep you winning/losing coefficients relatively equal. The main advice: use ante and pair plus bets on the same hand.

Online 3-card poker winning strategies: watch your bankroll

The most useful tip in any gambling game. Setting your bankroll before the game is essential if you do not want to be broke. Set the budget you can afford to lose and do not even try to win it back if you lose everything! Play on minimum wages until you feel confident enough to switch to high stakes. 

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