How to Play Online Free Lottery in Pakistan, While Knowing the Terms!

  • You have to have a real money account to receive complimentary tickets
  • Pay around 1000 Rupees to claim up to 8 Powerball free tickets
  • You can buy one and get one free ticket to any lottery game
Online free lottery in Pakistan

Let us be honest, online lottery sites do not give away free tickets to a player without a real money account. However, if you become a loyal customer of a lotto site, especially those accepting players from Pakistan, you would certainly receive tons of free tickets. So, buckle up and get an exclusive insight here into all about the online free lottery in Pakistan!

Sitting in your home in Karachi and scrolling through for online free lottery tickets in Pakistan? Do not be fooled by scam sites promising hundreds of millions of Rupees without you having to deposit a single Rupee. A legit online free lottery in Pakistan does not work like that. You have to meet some reasonable terms to qualify for free tickets. We explain how to do it in this piece without any sugar-coating.

Terms to Getting Free Online Lottery for Real Money in Pakistan

Many players ask why would online lottery sites in Pakistan give away free tickets. What is in it for them? To put it bluntly, sites either rely on ads to generate revenue or focus on retaining loyal customers due to stiff competition.

Online free lottery in Pakistan
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Therefore, they have to give away some free lottery tickets to remain attractive for both clients and players. To prove to an online lottery site you are genuinely interested to be loyal, just fulfil a few simple requirements:

Open a Real Money Account

There is no way you can get a free online lottery without registration because there is no hint from your side, that you would like to play again. So, to inform an online site, for example, LottoKings, that you would be happy to enter more than one draw, you need to register. Opening an account is easy and takes no more than a few minutes.

Stay Logged in to Win the Prize

All eligible winners of an online free lottery prize must log in to the site and claim their prize to receive it in their bank accounts. Should you miss logging in and claim your prize, do not worry as you will be notified via an email or phone call to do so.

Add Bank Info

Let us say you pick random numbers and they are drawn. What happens next? An online site will be required to transfer the prize to your bank account.

Online free lottery in Pakistan
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But what bank? Well, you have to inform the site of your bank account before entering a draw. That is why it does not make sense to get an online free lottery ticket in Pakistan without adding your full bank info like IBAN, name of the account owner, etc.

Is Online Free Lottery in Pakistan Legit?

It depends on the site you choose. Although some sites may offer free lottery tickets, you have to be attentive to whether they are trustworthy or not. There are plenty of online sites that have flawless designs, but they tend to manipulate the lottery results. To avoid them and pick the trusted ones, read a review, check out the site licence, and make sure of the availability of customer service. For example, you may have a look at our review of LottoKings.

How to Win a Free Online Lottery?

First thing first, you would have to find the best offer out there. We are here to help you with that! We have already put up the hard work and made a list of the best free lottery ticket bonuses in Pakistan. You may check them out or keep reading through our short list of the best free lotteries in Pakistan here below. On one hand, they help you get free tickets, while on the other you will significantly boost your potential prize pot.

Best Online Free Lottery in Pakistan

The following free lottery offers are completely legit and top-ranked in the entire world. Pick the one you prefer and get all the fun you need. Just follow the terms mentioned above.

Buy 1, get 1 Free Ticket to any Lottery Game

Lotto Agent has an offer like no other. It allows you to secure the second lotto ticket free of charge, should you buy the first one.

Online free lottery in Pakistan
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This offer is for all new players from Pakistan and anywhere else in the world. If you do not win with your first ticket, you may win the big prize with the second free one. It applies to all types of lotto games such as the Italian SuperEnalotto, Mega Millions and more.

Claim up to 8 Powerball Free Lottery Tickets

To claim up to 8 Powerball lottery tickets, you would pay only around 1000 Rupees for a one-month subscription at WinTrillions. Immediately afterwards, you can participate in 8 consecutive draws of the US Powerball. Once you decide to quit, you can easily cancel your subscription at any given time.

Win 2 Extra Free Powerball Tickets

If you wish to get two extra free Powerball tickets, you have to buy one at LottoKings. A ticket would cost you around 940 Rupees. However, you would get two more tickets for free. As such, you will have the chance to participate in three different prize draws and increase your odds of winning. Having said that pick a legit site from our list now and enjoy the best online free lottery in Pakistan.

Click here to Buy 1 Get 2 Free Powerball Tickets at LottoKings

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