Biggest Casino Cheating Methods – The Smartest Cheaters

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Biggest Casino Cheating Methods

In this article, we are going to explain the biggest casino cheating methods. Therefore, we have collected the most infamous tools people use to get cash. However, these tools are much beyond the expectation. Because these were not illegal back in the day they used them. Therefore, if a person was successful with these tools, the police wouldn’t arrest them. However, casinos always had the opportunity to ban someone.

Therefore, these cheaters are the reason why we have top security today. However, if you want to play at the safest online casinos. Then register at any of the online gambling sites in the US. Because these casinos are extremely safe. Furthermore, you are not going to run into robberies and cheaters. Because a gambler’s worst nightmare is to play poker with a group of scammers.

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Mobile Phones – The Biggest Casino Cheating Methods

On the top of the list of the biggest casino cheating methods stands our best friend. Because this device is in the pocket of almost every human. However, only a selected few understand how to cheat in casinos using a phone. Because one of the smartest ways to hack casinos was to use a simple mobile phone. The older slot machines have an easy-to-crack interface.

Therefore, the cheater did not have any special tools for him. The secret of this method was that he was searching for old casinos. Because the new slot machine could not be cheated by phones. However, older and outdated slot machines are easy to confuse using a mobile phone. There are at least 30 if not 40 years between the two mechanisms. For example, these slot machine games are million-dollar machinations. However, you can play more than a thousand slot games at Ignition Casino.

Laser And Radio Signal

One of the biggest casino cheating methods involved lasers or radio transmitters. Therefore, using a small device to receive signals is one of the easiest ways to cheat. However, this is a method you can still use at casinos. However, if you are visiting a more expensive casino.

Biggest Casino Cheating Methods
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Expect to be caught by the special cameras. However, if you enter an older casino, this method is completely viable. More than often, people will enter as a group of two or more. Therefore, one of the people has to wager and play roulette. However, the other person is going to use a laser or a radio transmitter. Because these devices can tell when and where the roulette wheel is going to stop. According to Mental Floss, these were one of the most successful strategies. Because the criminal group who did that were always leaving with thousands of cash in their pocket.


If you are looking for the biggest tool that has a main role in all cheating scandals. Then you found it! Because these are the casino chips themselves. Sometimes, people will use these chips to launder their money. However, people may steal these chips to sell them to strangers. Therefore, we can conclude that chips are leading to trouble. This is true because chips are just liquified money.

However, if you can copy a single plastic, then you can sell this liquid for a real one. Therefore, chips are always the center of attention. But when it comes to crimes. The fake chips are probably the kings of the whole poker chip situation. Before casinos began to use digital ID-s to identify chips, faking chips was a whole criminal business. However, nowadays it is nearly impossible to fake chips. Therefore, it isn’t a part of the biggest casino cheating methods.

Card Switching – The Biggest Casino Cheating Methods

Card switching is one of the most popular movies in pop culture. Therefore, we are sure that you have seen at least one scene when a cool gambler switched the card out. The sad reality is that these guys exist. Because all they need to do to get a large amount of cash is to perform two hand movements perfectly.

Biggest Casino Cheating Methods
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Therefore, card switching is still happening. Therefore, always make sure to call out cheaters if you are a suspect. Because sometimes the most innocent-looking person will have a few cards under their sleeves. According to CNBC, the casino industry has lost millions of dollars thanks to these scams. Because this isn’t the hardest form of cheating at all. Therefore, players did not need supernatural math power or a fake chip to earn millions illegally and unethically. This is one of the most common out of the biggest casino cheating methods.

Bill Validator

Bill validators are probably the worst things to do as a player. Therefore, one of the biggest casino cheating methods could join among the worst things ever done in casinos. Because a bill validator is a simple device. All you have to do is to put the money into the slot machine.

However, this money is going to be attached to a bill validator. Therefore, the moment the slot machine accepts your cash, you can pull it back out of the machine. Nowadays, this behavior is recommended. However, this is one of the most ridiculous criminal motions ever made. Because imagine a customer just walking up to a slot machine. It would feel awkward if we were to see a person pushing a banknote in and out of the video game.

Special Contact Lenses

This is a subtle and smart person used to find the biggest casino cheating methods. Because this story is about two people. One of them was going to the tables to mark every card with a transparent pen.

Biggest Casino Cheating Methods
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However, the other person was wearing a lens that saw through the invisible ink. Therefore, the cheater will see the neon numbers on the back of each card. This way they could easily win thousands of cash at a single table. Because all they have to do is to act lucky, which isn’t hard.

Card Counting – The Biggest Casino Cheating Methods

According to the Independent, the biggest casino cheating methods are not tools. Because all you have to do is to understand math. However, sometimes just thinking wisely is the key to winning something. Because card counting is the oldest technique in the history of poker. Therefore, all you have to do is to assign a value for each card and keep them counted. However, this task is harder than it sounds.

Because you cannot use any tools aside from your brain. However, it is not illegal to use your brain during a casino game. Therefore, you can legitimately learn card counting and join any poker game. While it is not ethical to count the cards, no rule stands against it. Therefore, card counting is fully legal, as long as you are not caught.

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