Online Gambling in France is Doing Fine

Sports betting sites may be growing revenues at the expense of traditional casino games.

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The French government officially allows most gambling to take place under the French gambling laws. Online casinos can operate freely once licensed and in full compliance with the regulations. Thus, a nation of 60 million has plenty of opportunities to play.

The French government came with some smart ways to find revenues from the gambling market. Offshore Internet casinos are allowed to operate once given permission and pay taxes.

This is in sharp contrast to most countries that either ignore or prohibit these types of sites. Since gamblers will still go offshore, why not raise taxes from these sites?

Perhaps, other governments can learn from that, but not each one does. A case in the nearby Netherlands reveals the Dutch judges requiring offshore betting sites to block their Holland from entering.

How does online gambling in France do? Pretty well, but not spectacular. Not surprising as this is a mature and saturated market which just won’t grow exponentially.

A recent report indicates that online sportsbooks in France increased their revenues by 11% in comparison to a year ago. Given that this year will see Euro Football Championships and London Summer Olympics, the wagers are expected to grow.

A specific type of sports betting, horse racing, has grown by an astounding 15%. At the same time, while the participation in poker tournaments is growing, the French poker rooms revenues have declined by 3%.

Actually, a similar thing is happening to poker in Australia, which is a very popular game in the country. However, it is too early to tell if poker is losing its ground to other casino games.

As the numbers show, the French and Australian sportsbooks have grown their revenues. Could it be at poker’s expense. If so, which game is next? Blackjack could be one, but we doubt that baccarat will be affected. Indeed, the game of baccarat, once confined to the high rollers, now is widely available at good online casinos.

In any case, the growth in French gambling business has come at a cost of higher advertising and promotional efforts, with most online casino and sports betting sites offering bonuses to new and existing members. This keeps the sports punters interested, the wheels spinning, and the decks reshuffled.

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