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Georgian lawmakers have growing concerns about the effect of online gambling on the increase of problem gamblers numbers in the country.

Georgia has a well-developed gambling industry, practically identical to those of Western countries. Georgian gambling laws allow and regulate every aspect of gaming in the country. Just like in any other Western country, there are now growing concerns in connection with problem gambling. Georgian lawmakers fear that there will be a need to allocate some part of the budget to address this issue, but no one is ready to do that just yet.

Another side of the coin is that illegal gambling is also growing nicely in Georgia. It’s a bit strange that Georgian authorities keep voicing concerns about underground casinos and gambling dens, but no one really does anything to close them down.

As for the online gambling in Georgia, it is also totally legal, however, there are no specific laws to govern online casinos in Georgia and any other online gambling destination. Adjarabet is already leading the Georgian online betting market, mainly thanks to heavy advertising, both land-based and online. Adjarabet has grown so much in recent years, that according to several studies it is now the third most popular online portal in Georgia behind TV and movie-related sites.

What’s in store for online gambling in Georgia?

According to recent statistical data, the internet usage in Georgia is growing at around 20% annual rate. Which among other things means more and more people gain access to online gambling establishments including online sportsbooks in Georgia.

Currently, Georgian lawmakers are contemplating a law amendment, which will address the issue of illegal online gambling operators. Spokeswoman for World Vision social organization, Tamara Aleksidze, has opined that Georgia may avoid the risks of gambling addiction if lawmakers would deal with regulating online gambling rather than what the current youth is more interested in.

It’s commonly understood that a transparent, regulated, and wisely taxed online gambling business will provide the state coffers with much-needed revenue, instead of creating problem gamblers and illegal gambling facilities.

The current law amendment, which is being discussed in the parliament, is said to include points on clear regulation of online gambling industry in Georgia. It will address licensing procedures, taxation requirements and procedures, and will be equally applicable to all operator offering online gambling facilities to local population, be that local or foreign business.

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