Thousands of Suspects Detained for Illegal Gambling in China

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The Chinese police have shut down the Mangrove Tree Resort again.

After 15 people were killed in a blast at a gambling den, earlier this month, the Chinese police have intensified action against illegal betting. The authorities organized raids and confiscated over 1,000 pieces of gambling equipment, all of which were destroyed.

The blast took place in the province of Guizhou, but now police all across the country are on alert. According to the Ministry of Public Security, over 5,300 people were detained this month for breaking Chinese gambling laws, which strictly forbid all games of chance.

In Hainan, authorities put a stop to an illegal operation at the Mangrove Tree Resort World bar. This is the second time that the venue was shut down, on the same grounds. The police have also taken strict measures against so-called “cashless casinos” operations, as well as online gambling sites in China.

Explosion in Guizhou kills 15 people

Earlier in January, a blast took place at a hillside gambling den in Guizhou. According to the police, the explosion occurred at around 2.30 in the afternoon and left a suspicious crater under the tent where gamblers gathered to play.

The illegal gambling site was located on a mountain slope in the Laoshan Village of Kaili City. Authorities say 15 people died and eight were badly injured. Several suspects were detained, but the police haven’t found the culprit yet.

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