Online lotto in Korea popular but not for English speakers


Posted: March 24, 2016

Updated: March 24, 2016

Online lotto in Korea is growing in popularity but English speaking residents have admitted sadness that the national lotto in Korea doesn’t cater to them

As revealed by South Korean gambling news, the East Asian nation is experiencing an online lotto boom, but those seeking a South Korean lotto in English are being left disappointed. More than half of Koreans bought a lottery ticket last year, and the Korean online lotto is very popular among locals.

However, South Korea’s ex-pat population of over 1 million, many of whom only speak English, are not enjoying the boom to the same extent. Plenty seek to join in with the fun, but the national lotto website is incomprehensible to those who aren’t native speakers. The South Korean government has sought to appeal to foreigners when it comes to other forms of gambling, but the dream of a South Korean lotto in English has not been realized yet.

EuroLotto provides solutions to English speakers seeking Online lotto in Korea

Although the Korean national lottery website is mystifying for English speakers, there is a solution. EuroLotto is Europe’s biggest daily lotto provider, but the name is deceiving: English speakers in plenty places across the globe can access their popular draws. For those in Korea, read our EuroLotto Review
for more information. To learn more about online lotto in South Korea, and other forms of gambling in South Korea, read our guide.

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