Online Poker Coming to New York, but Not This Year

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A New York official proposed the legalization of online poker, but the bill is not expected to pass anytime soon.

Republican Senator John Bonacic proposed changes to the current American gambling laws practiced in the State of New York, to allow local authorities to hand out up to 10 licenses for online poker operators. Interested companies would have to spend $10 million in licensing fees, as well as a 15% tax on their gross revenues.

According to the bill, only online poker sites in the US state of New York would be legal, specifically Texas Hold ‘Em and other variations approved by regulators. Online services would not be available to players under 21 and operators would have to take measures to prevent gambling addiction.

To legalize or not to legalize?

However, the state lawmaker says he doesn’t expect the proposal to be approved this year. Four privately owned casinos have just been authorized and approved by voters and state regulators are still waiting to see how these new businesses will affect the local market.

“I don’t intend to push this year, but we need to start a discussion”, Bonacic said.

Meanwhile, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is making efforts to outlaw any form of virtual gambling in the US and said he was willing to pay anything to achieve this goal.

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