Online Poker in California Postponed Due to Elections

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Experts estimate online poker will be available in California by 2015.

After changes were brought to American gambling laws to allow internet betting, California has been expected to join the ranks of states welcoming online operators. The idea of authorizing online poker has been up for debate for several years now, but things haven’t moved forward due to the influence of tribal gaming groups.

It looks like gamblers won’t be able to play online poker in the US state of California anytime soon, as experts believe the 2014 gubernatorial elections will leave the matter hanging for another year. In an article published in The San Francisco Chronicle, gaming attorney I. Nelson Rose says he believes online poker will be coming in California, but only in 2015.

New laws stalling due to tribal gambling

Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware serve as perfect examples for all skeptics opposing the legalization of online gambling. Latest figures indicate states are cashing in considerable amounts of money from the taxation of online poker businesses, which are proving to be beneficial for both parties.

While many casino operators in the Golden State fear losing clients to online poker sites, gambling business experts believe the opportunity is simply too good to pass up. Besides, other states have not complained about brick-and-mortar casino profits going down due to internet betting.

However, tribal gambling operators have a big influence in California, where they made a $6.78 billion profit in 2012. It seems like there won’t be any changes on the local gambling market unless they approve.

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