Online Poker Legalization to Be Discussed Again Today in Nevada

Nevada lawmakers to discuss possibilities of intrastate legalization of online poker in United States.

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Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval called in his advisory Gaming Policy Committee, consisting of eleven members, to discuss intrastate legalization of online poker sites in United States. The meeting is scheduled to take place today in Las Vegas.

Today’s meeting will be the fourth time the Committee is gathering this year. One of the main points on the agenda is the discussion of recommendations for the 2013 legislative session on the topic of changing American gambling laws in order to allow real money online poker in the country.

United States gambling news is confident that a major part of the meeting will be dedicated to Assembly Bill 258, which already legalized intrastate internet poker in Nevada last year, but is still subject to United States Department of Justice and Congress approval.

Reliable sources also suggest that the Bill needs to undergo some revision. The revisions will refer to the events of December 2011, when the Department of Justice officially changed its stance on the Wire Act, admitting that it only applied to internet sports betting, leaving room for online poker to be legalized in the country.

The Committee is also scheduled to discuss the post-licensing regulatory standards for operators of online poker sites among other important topics.

It is widely hoped that Nevada will set an example for all US states on how to handle and properly legalize online poker in the country. The legalization saga has been dragging on for far too long now and the American poker fans are itching to play in legal and regulated environment.

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