Online Sportsbooks Miss the Winners in Euro 2012 Group A

The football world is shocked as Russia is out of Euro 2012. So is one of the hosts, Poland.

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After all, it was supposed to be Russia who was the certain candidate for winning Group A during Euro 2012 Football Championships. The online sportsbooks in Poland gave the highest chances for the Russian team to qualify, higher than those of Poland, Czech Republic, and Greece.

There was even talk of Russia as the top contender for the trophy. Bets could be made on Russia winning Euro 2012 at 12/1 odds. Poland, with its relatively liberal Polish gambling laws so football punters could easily place wagers on their team, also was given better chances to make it out of the group stage than Greece.

But it didn’t happen. The Greeks and Czechs are the winners. All bets on Russia and Poland are lost ones. Yet, those who believed in the other two teams, especially Greece, just got some nice payouts. For the Russians, the luck wasn’t far away, as in the last seconds of Poland versus Czech Republic match, the Poles were just centimeters away from scoring a goal and tying a game 1-1.

That wouldn’t give Poland a pass, but would eliminate Czechs so Russians could make the next round. But, football is a harsh game and punters need strong hearts to make their bets. For those less inclined to football emotions, but seeking chances to win, there are always online casinos in Poland where relaxing games such as bingo can be played for small stakes.

But, for real football fans, new odds are set at places such as Paddy Power and others.

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