Our Wager Of The Week Winner; Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall and Robert Murdoch

Megalomaniac Rupert Murdoch announced his engagement to blonde ironing board Jerry Hall, but just what does Mick Jagger’s ex-wife see in the Sky TV owning billionaire hovering in Satan’s waiting room, and is she a worthy winner of the wager of the week award?

Murdoch & Hall
• 84 year old remarries
• Net worth $12.4 Billion
• Jerry Hall “thrilled”

Forget that pre-season bet you put on your favorite Premier League team, dismiss that six-way accumulator you’d planned for the races this weekend, and as for gambling on the US election? Don’t bother. When it comes to the best bet of the week, Jerry Hall has out-done us all with her engagement to adorably hunky newspaper baron Rupert Murdoch. Now if you’re in the US gambling laws of nature will see this marriage come to a rapid conclusion and you won’t need suffer it long, I think you’re right.

Whilst you won’t be able to find odds at Bet365 on which is more likely to happen first, Jerry Hall to become physically ill at his mere presence or Rupert Murdoch to drop dead, you will not be alone in trying to figure out the odds. This leaves aside the entire question as to whether the Australian fat man’s fortune is worth the sheer trauma that might be encountered in a marital relationship with him, he’s worth around 12.4 billion dollars, just how far would YOU be willing to go for that sort of cash?

Jerry Hall Wins Our Wager Of The Week Award

Just remember, he’s 84, so he’s got what? Another decade max? Ten years of trauma for a share in the spoils of the empire when he’s gone? Not bad, Jerry, not bad, and hey, you never know, if you try really hard you can give the old boy a coronary the night of the wedding, and Robert’s your mother’s brother, you’re set for life. Jerry Hall is the winner of our Wager Of The Week award for finding better odds and pay-off than any those that like to bet on sports in the US will be able to manage this weekend.

Who’ll be the Wager Of The Week winner next time round? Check in next week to find out.

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