Pai Gow Player Won The Jackpot In Vegas – $6.4M


Posted: January 25, 2023

Updated: January 25, 2023

  • $6.4M Pai Gow Poker jackpot won in 2023
  • The Flamingo Casino of Las Vegas has it all
  • Pai Gow player won the Jackpot In Vegas

A Pai Gow player won the Jackpot In Vegas at the beginning of 2023. Therefore, we decided to collect every available information for you about the conditions. Furthermore, we are going to explain how to play Pai Gow poker online. Because all you have to do is to register at the online gambling sites in the US. Keep in mind that winning a $6.4 million jackpot is not something you will see every day.

Therefore, the moment someone won, armed security arrived and someone had already posted this on Reddit. The player started the game with one of the rarest hands to win; A Royal Flush. Therefore, it is impossible to not win with such a hand. However, some players try to pull a royal flush for years and they just simply can’t.

Pai Gow Player Won The Jackpot In Vegas – $6.4M

According to Twitter, a Pai Gow player won the Jackpot in Vegas in 2023. January 8th. Therefore, Thomas Zanot arrived at the Flamingo Casino not expecting to draw a royal flush that day. His total winnings were $6,443,401. However, the media had no time to catch up, because the moment he won someone had already posted it to Reddit. Furthermore, people have claimed that they sat next to him.

Pai Gow player won the Jackpot
Picture Source: Pixabay

We are going to give you a detailed report about the story. However, first, we recommend you register at Casino. Because they are going to give you the best jackpot tables in all categories. Therefore, if you are interested in winning the Jackpot, just take a look at their labeled categories.

The Winning Hand

According to TripAdvisor, the Pai Gow player won the Jackpot in Vegas by drawing a straight flush. Therefore, he started the game with a royal flush combination in his hand. While there was roughly $34 minus the way he combined the cards. However, he still became a millionaire in mere seconds. Many experienced and professional poker players have been pursuing this jackpot for months.

Therefore, if you are playing Pai Gow poker, pulling a royal flush is going to give you a similar payout. Keep in mind that the odds of having this hand are extremely rare. However, Thomas Zanot is a perfect example of the opposite of the statement. Because rare hands may occur anytime despite mathematics.

Pai Gow Player Won The Jackpot In Vegas – Tipped 65K

Now that you understand the briefings, let’s get into the real details. Because the story is not over here yet. According to Reddit, he tipped 65K on that day. Therefore, this quantity was distributed evenly between all working dealers. There are Reddit users who appreciate this tip a lot. Because some claims that even Bill Gates is tipping .25 dollars to people.

Pai Gow player won the Jackpot
Picture Source: Pixabay

Therefore, he still had plenty of cash to spend after the handsome tip. Still, he is probably one of the most deserving guys for such a large amount. This is why we recommend you try your hands at Pai Gow poker at least once. However, you should keep in mind that this life-changing jackpot is not going to occur every day.

Online Pai Gow Poker

If this story has motivated you to play Pai Gow. Then please check out our other article where we explain where to play Pai Gow poker. However, if you are interested in something with more variety. Then we recommend you register at Casino. Because MyBookie is going to host several jackpot tables where you can try your hands at several different types of games. In conclusion, no matter what you want to gamble with, MyBookie will probably have it. Therefore, their website has a sportsbook and a live casino section as well.

Make sure to try your luck at the slot machines as well. Because even if the Pai Gow player won the jackpot in Vegas. You do not have to go to Las Vegas to win incredible amounts of money. However, always stay gambling aware.

How Did The Pai Gow Player Win The Jackpot In Vegas

There is a simple answer to this question; he was lucky. Therefore, you do not need any magic skill to win these games other than luck.

Pai Gow player won the Jackpot
Picture Source: Pixabay

However, you should always try to play these games when the Jackpot is incredibly high. In conclusion, you need to scout for the best offers. We have an article to give you some of the best Pai Gow poker strategies.

Redditors have shared that Thomas Zanot was surprised when he drew his hand. Because his first reaction was to ask; “Is this it?”. Some people have pointed out that he has aligned the cards in the wrong way. 

What Is He Doing Now?

Most of the best casino games are coming from popular Asian gambling games. This is why we recommend you play Baccarat and Pai Gow poker. Because these games are giving life-changing jackpots. This year has started with news about how a Pai Gow player won the jackpot. This player was Thomas Zanot and he told people he wants to buy a house. However, we can not confirm whether he bought a house or not. However, he is still an active poker player.

Therefore, we can only assume that he has bought a house and spent the rest of the cash to participate in high stake poker tournaments. Good for him. You should always try high jackpot games when you are walking around in Vegas. Because you couldn’t know when a simple game of Pai Gow poker will turn your whole life around.

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