Pai Gow Poker: Is the Legacy of Traditional Chinese Dominoes?

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where to play pai gow poker

Do you like to play traditional gambling games in new versions by using endless opportunities of technology? If yes, why not check Pai Gow Poker on an online platform by getting aware of where to play Pai Gow Poker?

Pai Gow Poker as one type of traditional Chinese gambling game

You want to play pai gow poker, but you need more info for being successful and confidently enjoying your play. So, let’s get familiar with one type of Chinese gambling game which is played with cards. As mentioned, it is one version of pai gow. However, traditional pai gow’s played with a set of 32 Chinese dominoes while pai poker has been played with playing cards since 1985. Pai gow poker lovers play the game with a standard 52-card deck, plus a single joker.

In each table set can play six players and each of them attempts to defeat the banker. Who is the banker? Actually, the banker could be the casino dealer, or one of the other players at the table. Are you new in pai gow poker? This article would be helpful by giving information about how you can learn to play this game very easily.

where to play pai gow poker
Let’s go!

Are there any versions of Pai Gow poker? Of course yes. In spite of it having more than 35 years of history its various versions were created just less than 15 years ago. Let’s look at each version’s specific features. The first version was Pai Gow Mania that allows for two side bets. Actually, this differs it from traditional one side bet per hand. The most popular version is Fortune Pai Gow which allows players to make a side bet on a poker hand ranking of three-of-a-kind or better. Later, Shuffle Master added a progressive jackpot side bet and called it Progressive Fortune Pai Gow. According to the rules, the player can win part or all of the jackpot by placing a side bet and landing one of the hands specified on the payout table.

Where to play pai gow poker: Are you technology friendly gambler?

Now you can ask yourself where you can play pai gow poker after getting familiar with the game? Don’t worry. As the next step we are going to look at the best sites that offer these games for players. You can use the opportunities of the current situation and prefer to play online pai gow poker. Actually, with help of great technology you can use great opportunities of online casino games such as Pai Gow Poker. If you like to play on your phone it is also great. Because by launching the game on your phone you can get various advantages like on-the-go play. If you want to check, click to1xBet Casino and use the offers of the platform which you don’t need to struggle with a confusing interface.

where to play pai gow poker
Got a lucky hand?

Maybe you don’t feel ready for a professional play and win the money. Don’t worry you can use free apps such as Classic Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow Poker King and practice how much you want. Practice makes it better. Are you ready and want to check your ability? You can upload a Pai Gow Poker casino version and enjoy the game. Additionally, there are a number of versions which you can visit and compare for deciding which is better for you. For example, you can visit one of the great online platforms 1xBet Casino and earn real money by using gained practice and info.

Nevertheless, if you want more or new sites, online gambling sites in the UK will be a great source for you. Visit, be aware of the Terms and Conditions and get excited about the opportunities.  For more curious players Best Pai Gow Games To Play in 2021 would be very interesting because more info means more successes. So, let’s choose the way to success.

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