Early 2023 College Football Picks – Who To Bet On?


Posted: January 25, 2023

Updated: January 25, 2023

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This is way too early in 2023 and this is why we are making this list. Therefore, we have collected all available professional information. Because we want to create our early 2023 college football picks. Therefore, if you enjoy betting on amateurs and new starts then this article is for you. And if you are looking for websites to bet on, then we got you covered about that as well. Because we have a dictionary of online gambling sites in the US where you can find betting lines. Therefore, you will find more sports than just college football.

This is why we recommend you browse all markets. Because even if you are not even interested in sports, nowadays you can find Academy teams for eSports or amateur chess leagues. In conclusion, we dedicated this article to showing you our betting picks for 2023 in football.

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Carson Gulker – Early 2023 College Football Picks

According to the NCAA, Ferris State is one of the most successful regions at the moment. No wonder why, because we have one of the most talented coaches and trainers ever. Therefore, Ferris State has players who trained under Tony Annesse. In conclusion, Carson Gulker is a highly regarded prep quarterback. Furthermore, he is a team captain for the Ferris State Bulldogs. Therefore, he has a bright future ahead of him.

Carson Gulker is one of the players who you shouldn’t miss out on betting on. Because when it comes to college football, he is going to lead his team to victory. Furthermore, he is a valuable asset. This is why he has great odds at receiving a place at the NFL draft after graduation.

Vic Burley

The reason why Vic Burley is in our early 2023 college football picks is pretty simple. Because he is a big guy. Big players are important for a strong team. However, keep in mind that this guy carries more than just his weight.

Therefore, these little rules are one of the many reasons why we all love that sport. However, his size is not everything. Because Vic Burley is an outstanding player with an incredible pad game. 

Furthermore, he has an early NFL draft potential. Therefore, one of the top reasons to bet on college football is the fact that you can recognize talent when you see one. In conclusion, Vic Burley is one of the best players from Warner Robins high school.

James Smith – Early 2023 College Football Picks

Little is known about James Smith’s actual details. However, one of the many reasons why he belongs to our early 2023 college football picks is the fact that he is one of the few talented young athletes who have a high NFL draft potential. However, the reports about him state that sometimes he takes gambling during matches. Therefore, he is not always playing safe. 

However, this attribute can be great if he understands the situation and knows when to withdraw from this tendency. In conclusion, he is one of the most promising assets for his team. Signed for Alabama, we believe he makes the region highly valuable for sportsbook betting. – If you are interested in betting on sports online, please register at Bovada Sportsbook. Because they have other amateur leagues available such as the LOL LCS Academy.

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Mylik Mitchell

Another talented player from the Ferris State Bulldogs. We believe that this team is going to make college football one of the easiest sportsbook picks this year. However, you have to understand how to place strategic bets. This is why we recommend you always bet on the Ferris State Bulldogs. Because in 2023 they are one the most popular teams.

Furthermore, we have several members in our early 2023 college football picks from the team. Therefore, Mylik is one of the most famous for being a transfer from Kent State University. He missed out an entire season, but it seems he is ready to return to pursue his career. For similar information, please take a look at our college basketball betting strategies article too.

David Hicks

Signed to Texas A&M, David Hicks is one of the many players who will make Texas proud this year. According to 247sports, he is the number one player among professional college football analysts. Therefore, he is possessing all qualities a young athlete requires for greatness.

Being one of the most sought-after college football players, we recommend you place a bet on Texas whenever you see him. Because this guy has an insane delivery and great strength which could push the opponent team just enough to contribute more than anyone else would. Therefore, he has made it to our early 2023 college football picks with no question.

Will Anderston – Early 2023 College Football Picks

As a conclusion to this topic, let’s give you someone who is no longer a college football person. According to SI, he is the best among the NFL Draft prospects. Therefore, this is going to be the first year when we can see this outstanding man in a professional environment. Because words are not needed to describe his performance. Simply, he fits right into the sport, and he had a college football career deserving of professional membership.

If you wish to bet on any of his matches, just register at Bovada Sportsbook. However, keep in mind that there are all sorts of sports betting opportunities available for you. Because college football is not the only betting market online. Place your bet today and do not miss out on the latest betting markets.

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