Top Reasons to Bet on College Football


Posted: June 21, 2022

Updated: June 21, 2022

  • If you love football and bet on the NFL you'll love college footba
  • Some people think it's even better than NFL.
  • Read our article and find out why!

Are you ready to hear the top reasons to bet on college football? This is a sport that everyone likes and the online sportsbook in the US are full of it. As we said there are people who only bet on football and no other sports. Well, we can understand them. And you might just be one of them. 

So, when it comes to football there is the eternal question: NFL or NCAA? Well in our article we’ll tell you all the reasons why betting on college football is worth your money. So keep tuned! 

Top Reasons to Bet on College Football: The Huge Selection of Bets

One of the top reasons to bet on college football is that it has so many varieties of wagers. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you liked a sport and bet on it but it soon became boring? Well, with college football it’ll never happen. It’s immensely fun and exciting, even the betting part. 

What’s more, because of its popularity you’ll always find an online gambling site in the US to bet on a current college football game. That means it’s something you can always bet on. 

top reasons to bet on college football
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Also because of its popularity of it and that there are so many games the online sites can’t draw a line to it. Unlike the NFL, it’s also an advantage of the NCAA. While the NFL has very limited games, they can’t regulate college football like that. So if you want to have more wager opportunities it’s your time to switch from to NFL to the NCAA.

The Schemes Are More Predictable 

Actually many people chose to bet on the NCAA instead of the NFL because of this. It’s known that college football usually has more predictable schemes. This is, in this case, is good, because you’ll be able to predict the outcome of each game a little bit easier. 

The head coach always has a major influence on this part and also the offensive and defensive coordinators. If you pay enough attention to a team’s way of playing and watch many of their games you’ll soon find out what schemes they usually apply. What’s more college football is maybe the only sport that uses schemes this much. So if it’s something that helps you to predict the outcome, try to bet on NCAA games. If you are ready you can visit 22Bet right now for your next bet!

Top Reasons to Bet on College Football: The Top Players Have More Time to Shine

Opposite to the pro leagues in college football the top players are more dominant. In NCAA games the top players basically rule the games. Of course, it takes more lares to make a team but in college football, a single outstanding football player can make a big change.

top reasons to bet on college football
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As it’s college football and the players change faster there is always a rising star who will bring glory to their team. So you have to find a really good player and then wager on his team. If you try to focus on the more dominant players you’ll surely make more efficient wagers. So next time you visit any online sportsbook sites in the US give special attention to this. 


To sum it up even if you have been betting on the NFL games all in your life, you should consider trying betting on NCAA games. In case you are new to football betting, you should try to bet on NCAA first. As we stated in our article about the top reasons to bet on college football, this is the type of sport that uses schemes the most. With that it makes it easier to predict the outcome and what makes it more worth that there are more college football games than NFL. So, if you are ready to place your first bet on college football visit 22Bet!

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