Panto Panic Now “Behind You!” Due To UK National Lottery

Posted: October 19, 2020

Updated: October 19, 2020

  • The UK National Lottery Ensures The Show Will Go On
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  • Traditional Pantomime Part And Parcel Of UK Christmas

The UK National Lottery pulls in some £30m a week. Even the very best lotto jackpot reviews giving it grudging congratulations. Not least because it benefits so many, supporting all manner of things to the public good. This festive season, for instance, it has stepped in to assist theatres to put on Pantomimes safely. Something 2020 has made rather tricky, to say the least. So, panic over, kids across the country will not miss-out on this somewhat chaotic Christmas cornerstone.

If you’re not familiar with Pantomime nothing I can write here will do it justice. A type of Christmas theatre production for children it has more baggage than a left luggage office. You have to see it to believe it. The call and response stuff is easy enough to comprehend. All great fun for kids. But the transvestitism is harder to explain. Still, as a tradition it doesn’t often find itself under close examination. Not even when the UK National Lottery has to pay to support it.

A Christmas without panto is almost as unthinkable as explaining what panto is to the uninitiated. So as 2020 has rumbled on the social distancing rules and limits on indoor entertainments began to worry some people. The margins on theatre were never huge, but with massively reduced audience numbers permitted, they vanished entirely. Fortunately, the UK National Lottery proved why it is one of the best lottery jackpots available. They agreed to buy up the unused seats. 

Lottery Cash Keeps Theatres Afloat For The Festivities

Today we launch Operation Sleeping Beauty.” Said the Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden. You can bet on the Conservatives to be ridiculously happy about that naming effort. “Our hope is to get some panto back on this Christmas. And despite the very challenging backdrop we are going to give it our best shot.” Which is as much as anyone can expect. Who can plan more than a week ahead this year? They say god laughs at those who make plans.

“We have already supported the sector with our £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund and I’m grateful to National Lottery players for helping to make this happen.”

  • UK Culture Secretary – Oliver Dowden

Pantomime is a critical part of the calendar for many theatres.” Said Qdos Enterainment boss Michael Harrison. Qdos are responsible for most of the Panto productions in the UK. “This initiative will be a lifeline for those venues.” He continued. “Whilst enabling us to provide much needed uplifting entertainment at such a challenging time.” Something sites like Lotto Agent are already doing. Of course, there are no progressive jackpot lotteries which can compare to the horror of Panto. 

UK National Lottery
It’s gonna be a peaceful christmas

Panto Stars May Need Lotto Agent This Christmas

These are unusual times.” The chief executive of Camelot, the company running the UK National Lottery, was playing it safe. “We know there will be challenges in making this happen.” Which is quite the understatement. But Nigel Railton seemed buoyant. “We know many national lottery players are loyal panto fans.” He continued. The lottery will be giving away tickets to some lucky winners alongside buying up empty seats. Something even Lotto Agent can’t match.

We are delighted to be working with productions across the nation to make socially-distanced panto happen this Christmas.”

  • Camelot Chief Executive – Nigel Railton

Beyond being able to win theatre tickets, other promotions, they say, will follow. If the situation allows. It may not. However the UK National Lottery ensuring its reputation as perhaps the best lottery to play just by trying. That Julian Clary and his Pantoland At The Palladium may still fail to go ahead not really the issue. Like those clicking over to Lotto Agent they’re gambling that it will all turn out right either way. That it’s a good move. And it is, right? “OH NO IT ISN’T!!!”

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We take a look at how the UK National Lottery is helping to guarantee the show will go on this pantomime season.

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