Patrick Vieira Named as New Nice Manager

Manchester City announced officially that Patrick Vieira was named the new Nice manager!

Patrick Vieira Signature
He signs contracts too…

The new Nice manager has officially been announced. Will Patrick Vieira lead the team to glory?

It won’t be easy for Patrick Vieira. While 2 years ago, Nice finished 3rd in the Ligue 1 competition and hence qualified for the Champions League, this year they only finished 8th, which means no continental tournament. However, the Ligue 1 experience will surely help the new Nice manager grow.

Who is Patrick Vieira?

Did you seriously ask that question? I know it was meant to be a joke. Vieira is one of the greatest football legends of Arsenal. Okay, not too many people to compete against, but still a big thing. He was part of the Premier League winner Arsenal in 2004, the legendary team who won the championship without losing a single one of their 38 league games.

In fact, Vieira was one of the most important members of that dream team, together with cracks like Campbell, Pires, Henry or Bergkamp. He was also the one who dick slapped Anelka for fun. And now this man in the new Nice manager. We can only hope that his management style is a bit different than what he was like as a player.

Will Nice win Ligue 1?

Now that the new Nice manager has been announced, – who is actually a big name: one of the biggest French footballers, although obviously we must forget about Zidane for a sec if we want to say such things – online sportsbook sites in France are already guessing about the possible achievements that Vieira could do.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to expect great things from him. He doesn’t have the experience. But neither did Pep before leaving Barca B to build up the strongest Barcelona in history, and neither did Zinedine Zidane before leaving Real Madrid Castilla to join Real Madrid and win the Champions League trophy 3 times in a row.

Choosing Patrick Vieira as the new Nice manager could be done with similar motives. Obviously they can’t dream of winning the Champions League or even the Ligue 1, but minor successes can be done. For example, they could qualify for the Europa League or the Champions League next season.

That would be quite a thing if Vieira could achieve that in his very first season as the new Nice manager. Do you think he’s capable of even bigger surprises? Bet on Nice to win Ligue 1: you can find 200.00 odds for Nice to win Ligue 1 in 2019 at Betway Sportsbook. As you can see, they are not the biggest favourites according to the odds in the online sportsbook directory.

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