Pennsylvania to Legalize Sports Betting


Posted: February 15, 2016

Updated: May 25, 2017

Sportsbooking operation is currently banned in the federal state, however, a new bill can lead Pennsylvania to legalize sports betting.

The HR619 proposal was passed by a 23-1 majority in the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee, US gambling news report. This can lead Pennsylvania to legalize sports betting eventually. However, there are several other committees that have to decide on the bill.

HR619 would enable Pennsylvania to legalize sports betting

HR619 would lift the ban on sports betting in Pennsylvania. According to US gambling laws, federal states with legalized gambling market can allow sportsbooking activities for licensed operators. This possible change would be important, since there is a big illegal betting market in the US. All the actors in this situation would profit from regulating land-based and online betting in the US.

Legal sports betting in the US only exists in Nevada and Delaware currently.

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