Petr Yan Special Bets – All Of These Options Are Interesting

  • Bet on the date and location of his upcoming fight
  • The media is all over the UFC champion
  • Those events are unlikely to happen in 2020
Petr Yan Special Bets

Petr Yan special bets are out as several reports indicate that the Russian will defend his title in 2020. “No Mercy” is currently one of the best fighters in the bantamweight division, but he is preparing for his toughest fight yet. Since this will be a controversial fight, several interesting betting options have come with it. You would not want to miss them!

When & Where Will The Russian Champion Fight Next?

Since his title fight against Jose Aldo at UFC 251, Petr Yan is on a collision course with the number one contender Aljamain Sterling. The two have ran through the bantamweight division, but the Russian got the title shot first. As a result, fans have been anticipating this fight between two of the best the division has to offer. Several reports indicate that the UFC is working on this fight to happen sometime before the end of this year. It seems that the UFC 256 card on December 12 is the most preferred for the company.

This prompted online sportsbook sites in the US to include the date and location in their Petr Yan special bets. At 1xBET Sportsbook, odds for the Champion to defend his title before the end of 2020 are 1.50, while odds of him not doing so are 2.50. Also, you can bet on where the fight will happen since the location is still not known yet. Odds for the Russian to defend his title in his home country are 5.00, while odds for the fight to happen somewhere else are 1.15.

Petr Yan Special Bets
Let’s fight!

UFC Champions Get Massive Media Attention

Becoming a UFC champion is a life-changing opportunity. The respect other people give to a champion will significantly be higher the day they become the new king. Since Yan became the UFC bantamweight champion, fans and media have become more interested to hear what he has to say. Also, he is from Russia which is a country that values its champions more than anyone else. As a result, in their Petr Yan special bets, 1xBET Sportsbook provides you with the opportunity to bet on the shows that the champion will appear on. For instance, the betting odds that Yuri Dud will invite the champion to his program in 2020 are 6.00, otherwise, the betting odds are 1.08. Also, the betting odds for Ksenia Sobchak to do an interview with Yan in 2020 are 4.02, while the odds of that not happening are 1.216.

Petr Yan Special Bets – Things Unlikely To Happen In 2020

Online sportsbook sites in the US offer a few other options in their Petr Yan special bets. The interesting thing about those options is that they are unlikely to happen. For instance, 1xBET Sportsbook offers a betting option on Yan fighting in a professional boxing match before 2020. This is unlikely to happen as the Russian has a contract with the UFC and is preparing for his first title defense. Regardless, odds for such a match to happen in 2020 are 9.04, while odds of it not happening are 1.04. Furthermore, you can bet on whether Yan will organize an MMA tournament in Russia or not. This is unlikely to happen since the champion will be solely focused on his first title defense. Odds for such a thing to happen are 6.00, while odds of it not happening are 1.08.

You can discover more about 1xBET Sportsbook here.

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