Place Your Bet on the 2017 World Surf League Winner with NetBet Sportsbook

Posted: May 18, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

Want to bet on the 2017 World Surf League winner? Head to NetBet Sportsbook, where you’ll find the best odds available today.

The first round of the 2017 World Surf League season began in March. A number of major events will be taking place over the next several months, and NetBet Sportsbook is now offering their members the chance to place a bet on who’s the winner at the end. Let’s look at some of the betting favorites.

John John Florence: 2.20

2017 World Surf League betting odds

  • John John Florence: 2.20
  • Jordy Smith: 5.00
  • Owen Wright: 8.00
  • Gabriel Medina: 9.00
  • Kelly Slater: 41.00

Hawaiian-born John John Florence was named the best surfer in the world after winning the 2016 World Surf League, and is now the betting favorite to do it again. Florence has been surfing since he was a child, and at just 24 years of age is just beginning to enter into his prime.

John John has already managed to place 1st in one round of the 2017 World Surf League, and took 3rd place in another two rounds. He’s leading the scoreboard right now with 24.750 points, and is likely the safest bet on the 2017 World Surf League winner at this point with odds of 2.20.

Jordy Smith: 5.00

Another great World Surf League betting favorite this year is South African Jordy Smith. Since 2010 he’s won a number of major tournaments, and has looked great on the 2017 tour so far with a 1st place victory at the Rip Curl Pro.

Jordy Smith 2017

Jordy Smith recently took first place at the Rip Curl Pro (photo:

Smith is one of the older members of the Surf Tour this year, but doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all. He can reach the top of the leader board with a win at the upcoming Fiji Pro, but at the moment he’s the second highest favorite to make UK gambling news by winning the championship at 5.00.

Owen Wright: 8.00

Despite being second in the leaderboard, Owen Wright is listed as a slight underdog to win this year’s Surf League Championship. At the moment Wright is probably New Zealand’s top surfer, and has managed to place in 3 of the 4 rounds so far in the competition.

While most online sportsbooks in the UK list Wright as one of the top choices to bet on the 2017 World Surf League, he still needs to prove he can compete and win against the best surfers later on in the season. At the moment, NetBet Sportsbook lists his odds to win at 8.00.

Kelly Slater: 41.00

Ask anyone to name a famous surfer and it’s likely you’ll hear Kelly Slater. The 45 year old American is thought by most to be one of the best surfers of all time. Unfortunately, he was forced to withdraw from the Rio event citing injury.

Kelly Slater news

Kelly Slater is still one of the top surfers in the world at 45 years of age (photo:

“I have been working through some injuries the past several seasons and, unfortunately, I need to take some time off to mend my body,” Slater said. “I won’t be in Rio and I don’t know how long I’ll need. My lower back has been in constant pain for the last three years and although I’ve been able to fight through it with short stints of rehab, it hasn’t fixed the problem. If I don’t do this now, at some point, I’ll ruin my body. I’m spending the next five weeks rehabilitating with WSL Doctors in Australia and we’ll see how I feel after that. I’m hopeful that I will be in top form again this season at some point. Thanks everyone for the support.”. He told his fans in a press release.

Those that bet on the 2017 World Surf League and thought Kelly would win may still have hope, as he will likely attempt a comeback in the coming months. At the moment his odds to win this season are set at 41.00.

If you want to bet on the 2017 World Surf League make sure to head to NetBet Sportsbook. Here you’ll find a massive list of odds, and some other fantastic 2017 surfing betting options!

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