Place Your Bets in Far Away Lands

Bollywood, Bahamas

Let’s face it: gambling in the same cities over and over again becomes boring. Don’t fret, here’s our compilation of exotic destinations where you can gamble.

You love sipping cocktails on the beach and getting a beautiful suntan, don’t you? Well, that’s totally understandable. But, you also are a fan of gambling. Which puts you in somewhat of a pickle, doesn’t it? Usually, good casinos are in cities. However, cities are not big on beverages on beaches and relaxing in a tiki… A valid solution would be to turn to technology and play on online internet casinos or mobile betting sites while lying on the beach. Or, you could just pick a place from our list and hop on a plane. Much better, isn’t it?



• Go on a safari between two games
• Try your luck on a boat
• Relax on the beach before gambling

in more than one city, casinos in Morocco have recently become a hit with tourists. If you wish to spend a gambling-oriented vacation in Morocco, we strongly recommend that you visit Marrakesh, Agadir and Tangier. In Marrakesh, you can find the largest casino, La Grand Casino La Mamounia. In Agadir, there are two casinos and in Tangier, one. If you are a Casablanca fan, all the better: the link between the movie and this place will make you really appreciate the atmosphere. The landscape here is ever-changing with the desert and the Mediterranean Sea. A great place to unwind.

The Bahamas

Gambling in paradise on Earth? Bring it on! Even without the gambling, this is the best place to be. But who wouldn’t want to have some extra fun after they acquired the most beautiful suntan? Play some poker at one of the three large casinos the Atlantis Resort, the Marriott Crystal Palace Resort & Casino and the Grand Bahama. They have a vast array of games, including baccarat and roulette. And, you will surely be rewarded with a complimentary drink. You can do mobile casino gambling anywhere, anytime, but do yourself a favor and this time, leave your phone at home.


If you want something truly exotic, go to Lebanon and its capital, Beirut. A bit north from the capital is a humongous casino resort, Casino du Liban, which offers visitors around 20 gaming tables and numerous slot machines. If you want to experience the real Middle East, this is the best place to go to. If you grow tired of gambling and wish to do something else, you can also try out some of the ski resorts or spend some time on the shore of the Mediterranean. Since Lebanon is a more liberal country, drinking laws are not as strict than in the other countries surrounding it.

South Africa

South Africa

As the name suggests, Sun City is a place where you can truly lighten up. Try out the most famous South African casino, Sun City Casino, because there are promotions 24/7 and a vast array of gaming tables and slot machines, all at your disposal. The best South African poker rooms await you once you get bored with Black Jack. The surroundings are beyond special: the casino is located on the savannah and you can go on a safari straight after playing. So, basically, you can go spot a lion between two rolls of the roulette ball. That’s something you definitely couldn’t do in the city, huh.



If you adore boats and you’re looking for a real waterside experience, go to Goa, India. Let the sound of the waves soothe your nerves while you concentrate at gaming tables. In this area, you can choose form some of the best boat-casinos you will ever go to. There are also some casinos on the shore, but the real experience is gambling on a boat. Plus, the law inhibits on shore casinos from having live gaming tables, so you can only find electronic games. As a colossal plus, you will probably see some Bollywood stars wandering about the casinos, looking at which table to play roulette at. Be sure to ask for an autograph!

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