Play American Blackjack at Online Casinos in 2020

  • What is American blackjack? Rules and features of the game explained
  • Learn where can you play blackjack in using special promos and bonuses
play American blackjack

A blackjack fan? If one of the most popular card games is your favorite pick at online casinos, learn how to play American blackjack. This variation of the classic twenty-one game will give you a brand new gambling experience along with attractive winnings.

Blackjack games are undoubtedly one of the most popular at online gambling sites in the UK. Gamblers play live and online blackjack more often than such games like craps or baccarat. If you also play it every day and feel a bit tired of classic blackjack, check new variations of this casino game. What about learning how to play American blackjack?

American blackjack – rules and peculiarities

American blackjack is quite a popular and well-rated online casino game. Playing this version of twenty-one at online casinos in the UK is easy. All you have to do is learn some basic rules and peculiarities of American blackjack. 

While playing American blackjack online, you follow the basic rules of the classic game. During the game, the player makes bets against the house, i.e. the dealer. The player has to collect a hand of 21 points or a bit less; the closer his cards are to twenty-one, the better. In general, American blackjack is identical to the classic one with one key difference – here you can play with multiple hands at a time.

play American blackjack
Let’s play!

Multi-hand blackjack is good to play as it enhances your winning chances. Unlike other variants of the game, here you can use from two to five hands to beat the dealer. Let’s see where you can play American blackjack for real money.

Where to play American blackjack online?

American multi-hand blackjack is available to play at many online casinos, with 888casino being the best option. Why? There are many reasons to try your luck in attempts to beat the dealer with 3 or 5 hands.

Mainly, 888casino gives good odds to win. Thus, for having one winning hand your money will return to you according to 1 to 1 stats. Playing classic blackjack will secure you 3 to 2 rate, while the insurance pays 2 to 1. Even money also pays out at 1 to 1.

In addition, playing American blackjack at 888casino is entertaining. The game is available in several modes you are free to choose by yourself. Set your own Green, Blue, Red, or Black table, minimum or maximum bets, automatic or manual game mode, etc. Also, background music can turn on and off following your desires. 

Finally, 888casino is almost ready for the 2020 All Saints’ Day. Check the casino site to find exclusive Halloween promotions and use them to play American blackjack as well as other gambling games.

You can discover more about 888casino here.

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