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Posted: October 6, 2020

Updated: October 6, 2020

  • Playing multi-hand blackjack is more exciting and profitable
  • Where to find 3- and 5-hand blackjack games? Read below
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Good news for gamblers: you can play multi-hand blackjack online now. If you are a fan of this popular card game, we will tell you where to find three and five-hand blackjack and how to play exotic versions of the classic casino game.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Both land-based and online casinos in Italy have this card game to offer for their visitors, but there are mostly classic variations, If you are a blackjack fan who is tired of the same gaming processes, check how to play multi-hand blackjack online.

What is multi-hand blackjack? Basically, it doesn’t differ much from the classic one. Here you also have to collect 21 points or the closest number of points below twenty-one. However, multi-hand blackjack allows having not one but 2, 3, 4, or even 5 hands. It gives a new lease of life to the old card game and makes it more exciting to play. Let’s see how to play multi-hand blackjack online and what sites have it.

Tips to play multi-hand blackjack online

To succeed in playing multi-hand blackjack at online gambling sites in Italy, it is better to learn some tips first. As we have already mentioned, the concept of the game is clear: collect 21 points with each hand. Considering this difference, here are tips & tricks specifically designed for multi-hand blackjack (three- or five-hand).

  • Take your time. One of the best things online games like multi-hand blackjack can give is time to think about the next steps. Playing it at Betsafe Casino is not an exception as you are given unlimited time to develop a strategy;
  • In multi-hand blackjack, you will have to bet on one or several hands to have the number of points close to 21. As you have to place a bet before getting cards and revealing them, we recommend wagering an equal amount of money on each hand. Start from the minimum bet of €0.10;
  • Once you place a bet, you are given two cards for each hand. Check the total sum of points before asking for an additional card or staying with the given ones. If you collect 16 points or more, it is better to stay with them; if less, you can be given another card;
  • Also, you can keep one hand as “super-aggressive” even if it has 16+ points;
  • Track your strategies and frequency of winning hands to change the tactics if necessary. In case of any problems, choose one of the ways to contact a casino support team.

Best sites to play multi-hand blackjack

Not all gambling sites offer such exotic blackjack variations to play. Most casinos have the classic game as the most popular one, but Betsafe is an exception.

play multi-hand blackjack online
Become the King of Multi-BlackJack at the BetSafe Casino

Betsafe Casino offers dozens of blackjack games to play – from live versions to online parties and 5-hand games. You can play multi-hand blackjack online too: Betsafe has Three- and Five-Hand games as well as classic One-Hand blackjack. Every fan can find a game fitting his or her taste, so check the game variety now.

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