MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020

  • This year the organizers decided to hold MAC Affiliate Conference 2020 in the Autumn Edition format.
  • Therefore, everyone who is interested in the world of gambling will get together on the 27th of October in Moscow. 
  • In this article, you will find out what to expect from MAC 2020.
MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020

Efficiency, communication, marketing – is that what you are looking for? This year the organizers decided to hold the beloved MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020 in the Autumn Edition format. Therefore, everyone who is interested in the world of gambling will get together on the 27th of October in Moscow. 

More than 100 companies, 15 speakers, guests from 20+ countries are waiting for you. We can say with confidence that all of the top affiliate companies of the market will be there: Leadbit, 1Win, AdsTerra, VLK Partners, Qiwi, and many others. Besides, MAC is not only about arbitrage, it is also attended by representatives of SMM, SEO, and other moneymaking industries.

All you need to know about MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020

Moscow Affiliate Conference is an international conference that was held for the first time in the spring of 2017. At that time, it received a crazy response from webmasters and affiliate programs, setting a new benchmark for competitors. The conference usually takes place in Moscow, bringing together the leaders of the affiliate marketing industry in one space. The main feature, in addition to the concentrated information, and the sharpness of communication at round tables, where the most uncomfortable questions can be asked, is the scale of the entertainment block. Every year, the afterparty takes place widely across the capital.

For example, last year, at a spring party, in addition to a huge amount of food, drinks, and performing artists, the real Russian bear entertained the audience. Moreover, at MAC you can meet the heads and owners of CPA networks, representatives of significant platforms and communities, advertisers and online agencies, services for webmasters and businesses, and, of course, traffic sources (from local teaser networks to international brands Facebook, VK, Yandex, Google, Exoclick, TrafficStars, etc). Thus, you will be happy to see the representatives of famous online gambling sites in Russia at the MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020. 

Surprisingly, last year the largest conference in Russia and Eastern Europe included more than 50 companies and stands, 500 participants, and a Porsche Cayenne drawing (among the advertisers of the Shakes partner program). Indeed, even the spoiled Moscow audience found it exciting. Then in 2020, there will more than 1000 participants, 15 speakers, and more than 100 companies from 20 countries. Everyone is also looking forward to a grand afterparty. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020
Can’t wait to visit the beautiful Moscow

This conference is useful for:

  • representatives of CPA networks, who can meet and resolve issues directly with each other;
  • advertisers looking for traffic, leads, and marketers;
  • professionals who work with traffic and want to get answers in an environment where traffic sources are open to dialogue;
  • affiliate managers and webmasters who can find relevant contacts for themselves, as well as the new information about how to make money, as well as analyze real cases;
  • services that are focused on Internet business and webmasters who are open to expanding their arsenal, receiving private improvements, and business solutions (from billing to credit solutions).

Features of the MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020:

  • CEOs of the companies can attend without paying an entrance ticket. Indeed, the organizers moderate each application manually. Thus, the affiliates can talk about their success in affiliate marketing and arbitration and receive an invitation for free;
  • Among the guests are not only representatives of Russian business, but also international companies;
  • Simultaneous translation of reports;
  • Panel discussions and round tables at which insiders merge will there during all the conference;
  • The organizers will invite buying teams that attract leads professionally, representatives of the CIS and world communities: STM, MRKTRS, Affiliate Business Club, Cpaclub, Traffic Cardinal, Affiliate Embassy, and others.
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss the most relevant topics in the field of SMM: Facebook, Instagram, VK.
  • Every year, the organizers pay attention to certain details. Last year the specifics of working with Facebook have presented: blackhat with specific cases and methodology, and whitehat, which is more relevant for the business in general. Indeed, this is a trend in recent years.

All in all, even if you just prefer gambling on the 1xBet Casino website, you will for sure enjoy this conference. Here you will find everything you need to know about Best Traditional Gambling Games in Russia.

Why you should attend MAC 2020

Probably every Russian affiliate knows that the main event of the year in the affiliate marketing industry is MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020. As well as the afterparty that will take place in Moscow at the end of October. Perhaps someone still doubts: is it worth going? Will the conference live up to expectations? Everyone will give their answer to these questions soon. In this article, we will only analyze some of the known facts. Many attendees of previous conferences point out that MAC has a warm and friendly networking atmosphere, and the upcoming conference will be no exception. 

MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020
MAC is a must-attend networking event for every gambling affiliate – Image source: Samarth1612, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The organizers are expecting more than 2000 guests from different countries. Last year guests from 40 countries came to the conference representing about 250 companies. The most famous online casinos in Russia will also be there. Besides, you will visit the panel discussions from opinion leaders, a special area for communication, numerous parties from partners over two days, where you can heartily communicate in an informal setting. And, of course, the Afterparty is in the best tradition of MAC. This year it will be even brighter and larger. The organizers have already rented a separate three-story club, which is one of the largest in Europe.

Partying and studying

In addition to the prep party, there will be many parties around the conference. This is a meetup from Affiliate Business, which will take place before the official pre-party, and parties from affiliates, which will take place after the first day of the conference. A complete list of events can be found on the official website of the MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2020. Of course, each guest of the conference pursues one’s own goal.

Indeed, some people wants to communicate with colleagues and make new acquaintances, someone is going to find new employees for the team or, conversely, an employer. For some, the priority goal is to gain new knowledge and listen to good reports. Enjoy your time gambling at 1xBet Casino and then come to the conference. Learn more about New Sports Betting Laws In Russia 2020 and be prepared for making real money. Good luck and see you at the conference!

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