Play Rock-Paper-Scissors For Real Money


Posted: September 4, 2020

Updated: September 4, 2020

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors is available to play at online casinos
  • Check the rules & odds on the childhood game in our guide

Is there anything better than playing childhood games and earning money from them? Online casinos keep on expanding their choice set year by year and add not only the newest games but old school activities. In particular, now you can play Rock-Paper-Scissors for real money, so let’s see where to find it.

Games from our childhood invade online casinos and gambling venues step by step. At first, the Super Mario real-money game became available at 1xBET Casino, then the Rock-Paper-Scissors gambling version appeared. If you don’t want to learn complicated baccarat rules or deal with bets & odds in roulettes, check how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors for real money.

Rock-Paper-Scissors gambling game: how to play

Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors at online gambling sites in Russia doesn’t differ much from its prototype. Like in the childhood version of the game, here are three possible outcomes: rock, paper, or scissors. As you know, rock beats scissors, scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock.

To play Rock-Paper-Scissors for real money, players have to follow the next steps:

  • Place a bet before the game starts. It can be either minimal bets of $0.25 or the maxim wager that varies from casino to casino;
  • Choose one of the objects (rock, paper, or scissors) to win;
  • If you play at 1xBET, your hand will be on the left, while your opponent’s hand – on the right;
  • Once you press the “play” button, the game starts, hands are opened and form one of the objects;
  • The winner will be determined by one of the outcomes (rock > scissors, scissors > paper, paper > rock).

The odds on the winning combination are the following: x2 if your hand wins, x0.9 if there is a draw, x0 if it loses. As you can see, playing Rock-Paper-Scissors is quite profitable as you earn cash in 2 cases out of three. Now, let’s see where to play the game online.

play Rock-Paper-Scissors for real money
Let’s play!

Where to play Rock-Paper-Scissors for real money?

Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors for real money is available at several online casinos in Russia. In particular, 1xBET Casino offers this game for playing online. To find it, check the 1xGames section as the game was developed exclusively by it.

At 1xBET Casino, players can win up to $600 with the minimum betting of $0.25 per round. In addition, there is a possibility to take part in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly jackpot draws. They vary from $50 to $50000.

You can discover more about 1xBET Casino here.

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