Where To Play Spanish Lottery Online in 2020?


Posted: October 14, 2020

Updated: October 14, 2020

  • What are the benefits of the Spanish lottery?
  • Play La Primitiva online at sportsbook and lotto sites
  • The results are drawn Thursdays and Saturdays in 2020

Playing national lotteries have always been among the best ways to run into money. If you want to follow some, check how and where to play Spanish lottery online. There are a lot of draws coming in 2020 – don’t miss the chance to win from one of them!

Spanish lottery is probably the best of its kind in Europe. Although Irish and British lotteries can boast of bigger popularity, it is more profitable to play Spanish lottery online in 2020. It has many benefits, starting with the draw frequency and ending with attractive payouts. It is available at online gambling sites in Spain, but let’s learn more about the lottery before playing La Primitiva for real money.

Why should you play LA Primitiva in 2020?

La Primitiva (also known as Spanish lottery) is one of the best lotteries in Europe. It is very simple to play and easy to win as it differs from most other lottery games in the best sense of this word. Here are all the reasons why you should play Spanish lottery online.

  • La Primitiva offers attractive jackpots. Unsurprisingly, most lottery players play it not only for entertainment but to win money. In this case, Spanish lottery will not disappoint them as it offers big jackpots weekly. The biggest jackpot ever won here was an unbelievable sum of €101,724,559.10. An anonymous winner from Barcelona played Spanish lottery online in 2015, guessed 6 numbers + additional Reintegro number, and won. What a lucky dog!
  • Spanish lottery is drawn quite frequently. Unlike most lotteries that offer big jackpots once a month or a year, here you can win one hundred million euro twice a week! Follow draws every Thursday and Saturday at online sportsbooks in Spain or at any lotto site.
  • The lottery is easy to play. In the Spanish lottery, you have to pick six out of 49 numbers and one special Reintegro number out of 10. For example, Euro Millions offers 52 numbers and 12 lucky stars to choose from, which makes the task more difficult.

Sounds interesting? Let’s see where you can find La Primitiva in 2020 and have the best chance to win real money.

play Spanish lottery online
Let’s play!

You can play Spanish lottery online at sportsbooks

Like most lotteries, La Primitiva is available to play at lotto sites like theLotter or EuroLotto. However, this is not the only option.

What is cool about the Spanish lottery is that it can be played at sportsbooks like Bet365 as well. So, if you are more into betting but want to try your luck in the lottery, you don’t have to sign up for the lotto site to play La Primitiva – you can do it at Bet365 Sportsbook.

To play Spanish lottery online at Bet365, you have to log in to the site and go to the Lottery section. Pick the lottery and make your choice. If you want, you can let the computer choose numbers for you – it doesn’t affect winning chances. However, if you have some lucky numbers then better do it yourself. Learn the odds, place a bet, and wait for your numbers to win! Remember that La Primitiva is drawn Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT.

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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