PMU Keeps Growing Despite Deepening Domestic Slump

Mobile is the Way Forward for France Based Pari Mutuel Urbain

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France based Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) has recorded another rise in gross revenue as their online portfolio continues to perform well. The 0.2% rise to EUR 1.87 billion revenue came despite their land based operations within France suffering, owing to the continued economic situation. PMU offers an extensive online sportsbook in France and beyond, as well as poker.

It was the company’s online and mobile betting operations that showed the most growth, as the horseracing pari mutuel and fixed odd sports betting gave the company 4.3% more than in 2012. These figures are in stark contrast to the efforts of the companies land based offerings, as land based horseracing stakes dropped 1.4% to EUR 7.1 billion.

Indeed, it seems as if mobile is the way forward for PMU, much as it has proved for other countries across Europe. With French gambling laws changing in 2010 and liberalizing the online betting market, PMU have had to up their game, and their latest mobile offerings show that they have been working hard behind the scenes.

As major names such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes squabble over the already engorged British market, French players are also gaining the highly successful British pools, as the Football Pools comes to France. Parent company Sportech came to an agreement with France Pari to offer their services to French players, extending the competition for PMU even more.

As such PMU have been increasing their international tie ups, with a massive 102% year on year rise in revenue from this sector of the business. With EUR 449.5 million coming in from international business, PMU can be happy that it has extended its reach in a time of incredible competition across Europe.

This all comes as the company implements its PMU 2020 visison, outlined by their President Philippe Germond. This outline put mobile betting at the core of the company’s future strategy, as it attempts to appeal to a younger audience.

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