Poker Stars Boycotted by Major French Poker Professionals

Posted: January 11, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

French poker enthusiasts are continuing to boycott Poker Stars causing major traffic downturns for the operator

The ongoing dispute between fans of online poker sites in France, and Poker Stars in particular, seems to be worsening. Various reports indicate that major players are withholding their action from Poker Stars.

January 1st saw a mass sit-out by French players, aimed at drawing attention to concerns over changes to VIP systems and rake calculations initiated by the operator. Poker Stars took action locking some of the accounts and diminishing table limits for those poker fans, who took part in the boycott.

The move by Poker Stars, a renowned online poker site operating in full compliance with French gambling laws, did little or nothing to resolve the crisis. Members continue to avoid playing at Poker Stars and independent poker monitoring stats show that the French site’s traffic took a major hit, allowing competitors to overtake Poker Stars.

France gambling news report that boycotting players are now more organized discussing their course of action on various message boards and on the popular French community site Club Poker.

On a slightly positive note, it’s rumored that a players’ representative is about to travel to Poker Stars headquarters on the Isle of Man. He will try and talk some sense into the poker site’s management stating players’ point of view and attempting to resolve the crisis.

In other parts of the world similar attempts are in preparation, with poker communities electing representatives for scheduled negotiations with Poker Stars management.

Spokesperson for French Poker Stars commented that they are in a difficult position with draconian French taxes robbing them blind from one side and angry players boycotting the site from the other. Spokesperson told media that under current French taxation regime “the current balance of the loyalty program unsustainable.”

Let’s hope the issue will be resolved soon, and hot poker action can restart at Poker Stars is France.

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