Danish Gambling Monopoly Danske Spil Victorious Over Ladbrokes

Danish gambling monopoly Danske Spil wins a trademark infringement case against British sportsbook Ladbrokes

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The long-lasting marketing law and trademark infringement case between Ladbrokes and Danske Spil is over. The Danish state-owned gambling monopoly came out on top of the British sportsbook in a case, which related to Ladbrokes marketing campaign in Denmark back in 2008.

Ladbrokes, operating in full compliance with Danish gambling laws, was running an advertising and marketing campaign from May to September 2008. The slogan of the campaign was “Danske Spil Engelske Odds” (roughly translated as “Danish Games English Odds”) and featured the following text throughout the whole campaign: Hvad er Ladbrokes (what is Ladbrokes?), Danske spil (Danish games), Samme spil/Samme tryghed (Same games/Same safety), Engelske Odds (English Odds), Storre gevinst/Bedre service (Bigger winnings/Better service).

The High Court of Denmark has overruled the previous Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court ruling. The Ladbrokes campaign was found to be unlawful under Danish marketing law on fair and competitive practices.

Danske Spil among other runs extremely popular online casinos in Denmark. H. C. Madsen, CEO of Danske Spil, commented the latest court ruling: “We are very satisfied with the sentence and welcome the liberalized gambling market. However, it is important to us that our new competitors play by the rules. Consequently, it is fine that the High Court has now defined fair play within marketing.”

Denmark gambling news learned that the court also ruled that the gambling monopoly possesses the exclusive right to use the common words Danske Spil (Danish Games) as they are associated by the Danish citizens with the business and gambling products of Danske Spil.

The High Court has also acquitted Danske Spil of all other charges put forward by Ladbrokes including EU regulatory violation claims and accusations.

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