PokerStars’ TCOOP 2015 Main Event $400k Winner Breaks Record

Posted: February 4, 2015

Updated: February 4, 2015

PokerStar’s Turbo Championship produces record-breaking winner from Russia.

Sunday, February 1, is surely a memorable day for the PokerStars 2015 Turbo Championship of Online Poker Main Event champion, Russian player, ‘Nikki Hefner’. ‘Hefner’ won a first prize of $396,516.38. Brazlian runner up, nicknamed ‘riversousa’ from Brazil, settled for a cool $363,119.56.

The news of the fantastic $400k record-breaking prize, scattered all over EU gambling news, is the largest single cash prize in a TCOOP event, over-runnig last year’s $382,812 win in the PokerStar’s High Roller event. There were some 4,169 players in 2015’s $700 NL Hold’em Main Event, which also exceeded the $2 million dollar guaranteed prize pool mark, by some $772,385.

The fast-flying five hours, 11 minutes Winner Poker tourney had hourly wins of an amazing $76,498. Pit Bully01, Spraggs and basil86, all from the United Kingdom, settled for third, fourth, and fifth places, winning $228,721.76, $159,412.13 and $117,826.36 respectively. Theo ‘Theo J’ Jorgensen, Team PokerStars Pro, from Denmark who copped $2,100 High Roller even on the final day, won the (TCOOP-47).

Theo who gambled on the famous online poker site in UK, Pokerstars, competed against 926 players to win his first ever PokerStars ‘COOP’ title. He got a prize of $193,237.03 after out scoring ‘DaNuts90’ from Germany. While Norwegian winner of 2015’s Player of the Series Leaderboard was ‘CandyJohnson’ who won one event, made three final tables, had 13 cashes, got the Champion’s Trophy award and 2015 SCOOP Main Event ticket.

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