Poland Parliamentary Election 2019 Odds Reveal an Absolute Favorite

  • PiS has no serious competitors at 2019 Parliamentary election
  • Other parties have smaller chances to win the most places
Poland Parliamentary Election 2019 Odds
Bookies predict there will be no surprise in Poland

The next Parliamentary elections in Poland will take place on October 13. Locals will choose the ruling parties for the next four years but there’s one major favorite in this political race. Poland Parliamentary election 2019 odds show the PiS party to take most places.

According to online sportsbooks in Poland, Law and Justice (PiS in Polish) have no competitors at this year’s election. The other parties are far behind by odds but still can win several seats in Parliament.

Two new parties share the highest odds to enter the Parliament

Polish Coalition (Koalicja Polska) and The Left (Lewica) have minimum chances to win the majority of seats in the Parliament. Both parties are new, so they share the same odds at Unibet Sportsbook. Their coefficient of 21.00 is the highest at this sportsbook. 

Poland Parliamentary Election 2019 Odds Reveal an Absolute Favorite
Władysław Kosiniak, leader of the Polish Coalition (Adrian Grycuk [CC BY-SA 3.0 pl], via Wikimedia Commons)
As a social-democratical coalition, The Left appeared in August 2019 to enter the Parliament this year. It consists of members of pro-European members of several parties, which includes Spring as well. The Left holds eight places in European Parliament and seemingly receives the same amount of seats in Poland. 

The members of Polish Coalition represent the Polish People’s Party and eight others in the local Parliament. They created the new party this July right for 2019 elections. The party aims at Christian democracy and also supports European standards for Poland.

Poland Parliamentary election 2019 odds give more chances to CC

Civic Coalition (Koalicja Obywatelska) helps to rule the country since March 2018. As people have already evaluated its work and aims, it has much better chances to win the election. The party has 15.00 odds on its dominance by the number of seats in Polish Parliament. The second-highest chance of the Liberalists on success in the upcoming election bases on several reasons. Mainly, they have reached 194 seats in the 2018 local election. The party finished the political race as the runner-up with 26.97% votes. Its course is close to the Polish, so CC can count on their votes during Parliamentary election 2019.

PiS leads record-high Poland Parliamentary election 2019 odds

All the parties, however, have nothing to do with Prawo i Sprawiedliwość. According to online sportsbook news in Poland, this national-conservative party has all chances to win the race. It has 1.01 Poland Parliamentary election 2019 odds, which almost guarantees a victory for them.

Law and Justice is the oldest party among this year’s candidates. It exists for 18 years and aims at EU-scepticism rather than being about western Europe. The party won the majority of seats in the Parliament in 2015 and is likely to repeat its success this fall.

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