Poll Shows California Voters Approve of Online Poker

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A recent survey shows that California voters would support the legalization of online gambling in their home state.

The survey was conducted by polling and strategic consulting company Tulchin Research and the results indicate that the majority of local voters are in favor of legalizing online poker sites in the US state of California. The poll was conducted via telephone, between April 15 and 21, 2014. Around 800 voters answered the company’s questions.

When they were not given any information about the potential economical benefits of online poker sites, 62% of voters said they would support the idea, and only 28% claimed they’d oppose it. There was a slight change in these results after people were told how internet poker could help the local economy, with the percentage of those in favor rising to 68% and opposition dropping to 27%.

Online poker might be coming to California soon

Earlier this year, local legislators proposed two bills seeking to change the current American gambling laws and regulate online poker in California.

But things have been moving ahead quite slowly on America’s newly opened internet gambling market, and California would only be the fourth state in the country to legalize some form of gambling sites.

Tulchin Research said in a statement: “This poll clearly shows California voters want online poker regulated and taxed in a way to maximize the benefit for the state and its citizens while also ensuring the safety of participants.”

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