The 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee Predictions

  • The progressive 2020 Democratic lane is determined to defeat Trump
  • The primary elections will take place from February to June 2020
  • Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke and Joe Biden have higher odds than others
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

The majority of the Democratic nominees have announced their presidential bids and are running their campaigns. The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee predictions include Bernie Sander, Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker seem to have significantly lower odds. 

The Democratic front in 2020 is looking as determined as ever to tackle Trump. The schedules for the primary elections vary within each state but will run from February to June 2020. The Democratic presidential nominees will use this time to run their campaigns.

Bernie Sanders auditioning as the Trump-slayer

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders to save America from the evil Trump!

Senator Bernie Sanders is the “Anti-Trump” and that is exactly what America needs right now. Sanders is the polar opposite of Trump and he shows that by calling him out any chance he gets. As of now, the odds of him becoming the Democratic nominee are 3.54. He has higher odds than any other candidate.

Ever since his 2016 campaign, Sanders has sturdily become a household name, gaining the trust of working-class Americans. Building upon his past success, he managed to gather 5.9 million dollars from 223,000 donors within the first 24 hours of his campaign. That is certainly a huge lead on his competitors. The 77- year old Senator has established a popular brand for himself, advocating for three ideals:

  • Medicare for all
  • $15 minimum wage
  • Free college education

Despite his perfect record, he hasn’t had much success with black voters. This could lead to some complications in his 2020 campaign. Moreover, in the #Metoo era he’s facing some backlash. Some women reported being harassed and paid unfairly during his 2016 campaign.

Beto O’Rourke- the next Barack Obama?

Beto (5.00) is fairly new to the game. There have been rumors going around about his candidacy but he kept everyone on their toes for some time. Beto is young, energetic and relatable. People are comparing him to former president Barack Obama who became president after serving only one term in the Senate.

Thanks to his social media fame and general popularity he managed to raise 6.1 million dollars during his first 24 hours of his presidential campaign, surpassing Bernie Sanders.  However, a fresh face and popularity are not enough to get nominated. Critics have mentioned that Beto’s campaign lacks a distinctive policy position. There is not a single policy proposal backing up his campaign. It is true that a presidential bid is a marathon and with the potential Beto is displaying he has sufficient time to put forth a policy agenda. Nevertheless, he better hurry soon or the scrutiny he’s getting will only disrupt his ratings.

Furthermore, he has been labeled as not “too extreme”. He’s said to be more rational and not too far off left. But that makes us wonder because when it comes to choosing a democratic candidate, we should always ask, can he beat Trump?

The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee predictions reveal Joe Biden as an outstanding candidate

Joe Biden (5.95) is leading the nostalgia train. He is aiming to continue Obama’s legacy. Of course, Obama is still hugely popular and by writing “Obama-Biden Democrat” he’s gaining the trust of those who want things the way they were.  However, the main goal for the primaries is to push Democrats to go further than the Obama administration. Both Sanders and Warren have already called for a more systematic change.

Biden is not Obama and so he needs his own solid political campaign to entice the voters. He can’t just come and pick up where Obama left off, a lot has changed since then. Moreover, Biden’s recently surfaced indiscretions will come back to haunt him in the primaries and further. We would say, Joe Biden, is not the safest bet for the Democratic presidential nominee despite high odds.

Elizabeth Warren- the most determined 2020 Democratic candidate

Senator Elizabeth Warren (13.0) was the first candidate to announce her presidential bid and this speaks volumes of her determination. Warren is setting herself apart from the other contenders in the race by vowing to decline funds from wealthy donors with big checks. She’s also not attending any high-end fundraisers. This is a significant measure because it frees up a lot of time to meet with voters and take part in events. This further strengthens her image as a true fighter of the working-class people.

Elizabeth Warren’s drive to fight for working-class families comes from the fact that her family had a difficult time making ends meet, making her more relatable to working-class families.  Warren has numerously expressed her intentions to stand up against corporate abuses and middle-class values.

However, her credibility with voters is slightly at stake due to her falsely claiming that she is of Native American ancestry. Warren released her DNA test results in an attempt to prove her claims. But, the results showed that she has a Native American ancestry only from 6 to 10 generations back.  

Cory Booker – a fresh face for fresh voters

Cory Booker
Cory Booker attracts many young supporters

As opposed to other candidates namely- Warren and Sanders, Booker is a fresh face that young voters can relate to and he can bring about the “generational shift”. His veganism and the recent introduction of a bill to legalize marijuana nationwide have attracted many young supporters. The majority of these supporters will be voting for the first time in 2020. As of now the odds of Senator Booker becoming the Democratic presidential nominee are 9.0.

Booker has stressed how his policies namely- prison justice reforms and “baby bonds” will benefit African-Americans and help reduce the racial wealth gap. However, his policy suggestions include issues like health-care and education which is not a race-specific problem. Furthermore, he is the only senator who lives in a low-income, inner-city community. This resonates with many Americans who live in those conditions.

Nonetheless, at this moment, Booker may not be the ferocious face that the Democratic party needs to beat Trump. The Democratic lane is very crowded and he is not the only one preaching messages of unity in America right now.

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