2019 Australia GP Odds Show that Lewis Hamilton Can Reach the Top of the Podium

  • Lewis Hamilton to get his title back after an unexpected loss last year
  • The Next Generation of Formula 1 will challenge Hamilton-Vettel rule
  • Valtteri Bottas with lower chances at 2019 Australia GP odds
Australian Grand Prix 2019
Lewis Hamilton

On the 17th of March, Melbourne will host the season-opening of the 70th FIA Formula One World Championship. The 2019 Australia GP odds are positive about Lewis Hamilton winning the first race of the season, as he will be chasing his 6th World Championship title.

This will be an exciting year for the motorsport. There have been some modifications on the teams and the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix will mark the 1000th race of the World Championship. Competition is expected to increase, but, for now, online sportsbooks in the UK are favouring Sebastian Vettel, a 4-time world champion. The Ferrari driver won the last year’s Australian race for the second year consecutive.

Lewis Hamilton wants to reach Schumacher’s record

Having won 10 races last year, the current world champion will surely give continuity to his 2018. Lewis Hamilton will be starting this season at his best, as he tries to match Michael Schumacher record of 7 world titles.

The British driver was second in the last year’s Australian GP. However, he started the race from the pole and dominated most of it. He ended up losing it to Sebastian Vettel as there was a miscalculation under virtual safety-car rules. The Mercedes’ team attributed the error to a software malfunction.

Hamilton, one of the fastest qualifiers of the sport, could have easily won the race. This why his odds of revenging last year’s mistake are 56/25 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Charles Leclerc to be one of the fastest with his new team

Charles Leclerc is the new Ferrari’s acquisition. Being in one of the most important teams in the world will give him the motivation to impress in the championship this year. His new team-mate Sebastian Vettel should definitely beware of the young driver.  

This way, we can be expecting the best from the Monégasque rising star. He is no novice in racing sports, but as he has just entered the world of Formula 1, 2018 was mainly a warm-up for his career.

His first race was in Melbourne and his performance gradually increased throughout the season. He will be affirming himself this year, and certainly right from the start. His odds of winning the 2019 Australian GP are 5/2 at 22BET Sportsbook.

2019 Australia GP odds place Max Verstappen 4th on the race

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is also another young driver that will definitely be making history in the next few years. At 17 years old, he became the youngest ever to compete in Formula 1 and, at 18, the youngest winner of a Grand Prix, in Spain. Ever since he has just been growing.

Last year, Verstappen finished 4th overall. But Red Bull has now switched engines from Renault to Honda. The team expects to empower its machines and Lewis Hamilton has even mentioned that he believes they will be competing with Mercedes and Ferrari for the title.

Verstappen can certainly become an obstacle to Hamilton’s goal to match Schumacher. And with the new improvements in the engine, he (15/2) will be fierce competition in Melbourne.

Valtteri Bottas is expected to be back in shape with a new car

Valtteri Bottas has long been waiting for his first World Championship title. This desire became closer when he signed a contract with Mercedes in 2017. Since then, he has increased his performance becoming more of a threat to the other drivers. That year, he won 3 races and finished 3rd overall. In 2019, he is ready to get back to this normal shape and outdo that achievement.

2018 was a difficult year for the Finnish driver. Bottas struggled with his car, which was visible from the beginning. He crashed it in Q3 in Australia, which meant starting the race in 15th place. However, he still managed to finish in 8th. Despite his problems, he was able to reach the podium a few times and finished 5th overall.

Now, with a new car, Bottas will kick off the championship at his best. Yet, online sportsbook sites in the UK are not very optimistic about his (10/1) victory in Melbourne.

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